could control The scene of the game: , The German goalkeeper Silvio heinevetter made a throw from the hip of Spain’s Daniel Dujshebaev Dovichebaeva, the Ball then and threw it directly to a powerful passport in the top. Backup left winger Matthias Musche grabbed the Ball, pushed in the direction of the circle and slammed the Ball through the Spanish against player therethrough into the goal. National coach Christian Prokop had rotated against Spain a lot and gained a lot.

The gesture of the game: Martin Strobel tear in the game against Croatia, the cruciate ligament and will be sidelined for several months. The team behind the German team on delivery against Spain in the uniform dress code: The DHB Jersey with Strobel’s number 19. Even Vice-President Bob Hanning pulled a little too large Strobel-Shirt on once again-colorful-whimsical-sounding top – to the suffering or joy of those present. That everyone must decide for themselves.

Bob Hanning (right)

result: Germany wins against Spain 31:30 (17:16), and group d winners of the main round group I. Click here for the match report.

Tim: came Because Strobel’s injury, a player could be added to a team, celebrated Tim Suton against Spain, made his debut in the world Cup. And the 22-year-old backcourt player showed hardly any adjustment difficulties. He pushed regularly to the circle and scored four hits. Prokop preferred Suton, compared to more experienced professionals like Tobias Reichmann. And Procopius has proven a lucky hand. Again at this world Cup.

second: Sits. So much you can say after the game against Spain. In addition to the strong Heine’s cousin, could hold 32 per cent of shots on his goal, Suton and Kai Häfner scored three goals, stood out especially Fabian Böhm. Already in one of the most important Games of this world Cup, he had to get his minutes against Spain, he showed that he can be a game decider. Five goals and the award to the player of the game included.

Solé-Gol: To the truth but also that it was for Spain since the victory of the German team against Croatia just a matter in which placement you game move for now. Accordingly, little resistance, the Spaniards did in the second half. Also, the German team did not defend with the intensity of the past games. So it was towards the end of the game exciting again. This was mostly due to Ferran Solé, who scored eight goals. Five of the seven meters line, per line, per driver. Heinevetter and counter-Spain part-time employees Andreas Wolff could make what they wanted – a seven meters of the 26-Year-old you did not.

German cheers

carnival: In the previous Games of the German team, the Sporting degenerated on the field of play, in part, to the next thing. Excessive hall speaker and the audience, celebrated in the Cologne Arena in accordance. Because it went against Spain, in fact, to nothing, was missed the mood a little less. The German goals were celebrated, almost unfair encouragement of attempts to hall speaker (the”loud pipes”) were fortunately.

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