Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance Chairman Moon Jae-do, center, speaks during the outfit’s third general meeting held in California on Feb. 8. Photo courtesy of GHIAA

Chairman Moon wins leadership award in HFCS

The Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance (GHIAA) announced on Feb. 10 that it held the third general meeting on Feb. 10 in the United States.

The meeting took place on the sidelines of the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Seminar (HFCS) in California, hosted by the U.S. Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association.

A total of 14 member countries joined the general meeting and published an annual report about its activities and the global hydrogen industry.

Dolf Gielen, who leads the hydrogen activities at World Bank, also took part in the meeting to share World Bank’s initiative called the Hydrogen for Development Partnership (H4D).

H4D was designed to help catalyze significant financing for hydrogen investments in the coming years, both from public and private sources.

Midway through 2022, around 20 organizations from across the world formed the global hydrogen organization.

The alliance is aimed at founding a new ecosystem focusing on hydrogen. H2Korea chief Moon Jae-do was elected to head the GHIAA for the first two years.

During the HFCS, the efforts of the GHIAA were recognized as its Chairman Moon won the Hydrogen Industry Leadership Award.

“Through the third general meeting, we could come up with the first annual report of the GHIAA to share details about the global hydrogen industry,” Chairman Moon said.

“Going forward, the GHIAA will promote various cooperation among countries and corporations so that we will be able to create an international synergy effect and promote the hydrogen economy.”

Moon is also heading South Korea’s state-run hydrogen organization H2Korea.