GHIAA-will-debut-in-late May
Shown above is a poster to promote the launching event of the Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance, which will take place in central Seoul on May 25. Photo courtesy of H2Korea

Global alliance for the hydrogen business comes to town

H2Korea announced on May 12 that the Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance (GHIAA) would be launched on May 25 in downtown Seoul.

The new global alliance will bring together hydrogen-associated organizations of up to 18 countries from across the world.

Included in the list are Korea, the United States, Canada, Chile, EU, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, China, Australia, Colombia, Argentina, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany.

The launching ceremony will take place at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul. People also can take part in the event online by making applications in advance.

After the ceremony, the participants would hold a forum to delve into specific ways to support the hydrogen business.

H2Korea said that the GHIAA would come up with ideas and policies to encourage investment in the hydrogen industry in the private sector and galvanize the related market.

The state-backed organization also said that the GHIAA would set up a platform for communications between members and establish a data hub for the hydrogen industry.

“The international cooperation in the private sector is crucial to deal with climate change and promote the transition to the hydrogen-based economy,” H2Korea Chairman Moon Jae-do said.

“As this is the first hydrogen-related global event after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, we will make great efforts to prepare for the gathering.”

Moon is now working as an acting Chairman of the GHIAA to prepare for the launching event.

On May 26, the delegates from the 18 countries are scheduled to visit the World Gas Conference, which will be held in Daegu through May 27.