The affair of Manager salaries for the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan is now also in the US investigation. It’s going to be in the United States paid managers ‘ salaries, the company said, without going into the details. Nissan cooperate “fully” with the US authorities.

From informed circles it became known that it was to similar problems, as did Nissan in Japan. The Prosecutor’s office in Tokyo accuses the longtime Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn that he had for many years declared a low income at Nissan. He is said to have also transfer personal losses on the Japanese car maker. Ghosn denies the allegations. Also, Nissan is accused in the affair.

Nissan had dispatched Ghosn to his detention in mid-November as Chairman of the Board. The French car maker Renault, Ghosn filed last week, his resignation as Chairman of the Board.

According to a report by the news Agency Bloomberg, the SEC is investigating whether the Nissan adequate controls on improper payments of executives existed and whether there have been violations of U.S. securities laws. A report by the “Wall Street Journal”, according to the securities and exchange Commission also sent requests for information to Ghosn.

Macron criticized Ghosns conditions of detention

the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, showed at the weekend, worried about the conditions of detention of Ghosn. The time in prison takes a very long time and the conditions were hard, so Macron to journalists during a visit to Egypt. He have said several times already, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The crisis of the Ghosn-detention is not bring down but the balance of power between Renault and Nissan.

France’s Finance Minister warned about excessive severance payments to Ghosn. The state will be “extremely attentive,” said Bruno Le Maire, the radio station France Inter. “No one would understand, if the compensation of Carlos Ghosn would be exorbitant.”


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