The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez wants the Brexit summit on Sunday to burst, should not be part of the dispute over Gibraltar. “If there is no agreement, it is obvious that what will happen is that the meeting of the European Council takes place very likely,” he said on Friday in the Cuban capital of Havana. “Spain maintains its Veto against the Brexit agreement.”

Sanchez requested Changes to the design for the exit of the Treaty with great Britain, because Spain is afraid of determinations about the future Status of Gibraltar. The area at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, since 1713, under British sovereignty, but claimed by Spain. Spain wants to negotiate therefore, on a bilateral basis with Britain over the future of Gibraltar.

It will be searched with a high-pressure solutions, said diplomats in Brussels. Already on Saturday, the British Prime Minister Theresa May is travelling for talks in the Belgian capital. There, you want to come on Saturday evening (18.00), again with EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker.

EU Commission chief Juncker was, according to a speaker in constant contact with Sanchez. Government representatives of the 27 EU States attempted at a Meeting to defuse the conflict without tangible result, such as diplomats reported. Sánchez said in Havana, in Brussels, behind closed doors negotiations, his country had received “sufficient guarantees”.

scepticism in the British Parliament

the Brexit-the agreement between the EU and the UK Should come on Sunday, waiting for the next hurdle. The Prime Minister would have to bring the negotiated Deal in December by the British Parliament.

On Saturday in the Northern Irish Belfast, the DUP, whose votes the conservative minority government is dependent on May in the UK. As a guest speaker, the Tory politician Boris is invited Johnson, who had resigned in Protest against Mays Brexit plans as foreign Minister. The DUP rejects the May negotiated Deal as well as a number of politicians from Mays Conservative party. Critics May have poorly negotiated.

DUP Boss Arlene Foster has threatened on Friday to terminate the cooperation with the Tories. “We’re not there yet,” said Foster in a BBC Radio Interview. May should prevail but with your agreement in the Parliament, would the cooperation to the test. Without the support of the DUP may’s government would have failed

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