“men are people, too. Men are a little strange.”
Herbert Grönemeyer

One right at the beginning: Yes, men are (almost) all my fault. Sorry.

the Holocaust and Inquisition, Crusades, genocides, world wars. Drug cartels and the regimes of North Korea, traffickers and torturers, IS and al-Qaeda are all men’s stuff. This may be as a man uncomfortable, but it is not to be denied. Nevertheless, this sentence alone angry reactions – from a in social media is very active sub-group of the male sex. Their families feel such facts as a personal attack.

With all of this is not say that women are to violence, cruelty, blatant stupidity or recklessness. But, de facto, been at the biggest nasty of the story level, as a rule, men at the helm.

The good news is: We have understood the actually, for a long time. So: we are men.

rights as a male self-criticism

The universal Declaration of human rights, for example, which was adopted 70 years ago, wrote five men, under the leadership of a woman. A Central goal of this Declaration, the 48 predominantly male-governed countries have signed, is the end of the thousand-year-long privilege of the husband: a true equality, without regard to “race, colour, sex, language, Religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status”.

Many crimes against humanity are to be outlawed with the statement: torture, oppression, slavery, exploitation, and exclusion. You can read the human rights – also as a document of male self – knowledge.

Even more ironic that the commercial for a razor manufacturer has taken care of this week for such an uproar. In case you have not noticed: It is a Clip of the company Gillette.

“war against masculinity”?

20 million Times alone the YouTube-Version in the first five days, a Million Times the “Dislike”Button is clicked. Videos in which others get upset about it terribly, found an audience of millions. Daily Newspapers and TV channels reported. Celebrities called for a Boycott of Gillette products. In the social media, posting user Videos of how they threw Gillette products in the trash. In the British Breakfast television, the question was discussed, whether a “war on masculinity” is in progress.

Why? Because Gillette had tried over the decades, a supplier of rugged masculinity stereotypes, something a little Different. A Spot in the to certain male behaviors is critical: the boys, the beat and bully, Behind the grabber in TV comedies, gigolo, condescending snobs, Posers, bullies. Poor Role Models. If you are not careful, one can detect even a hint of self-criticism, for to tears the beginning of a Boy on the run from his tormentors, a canvas, or just an old Gillette-Spot runs. “For the Best in man”, you know.

Toxic Trump

This Best, this is the message that must be after #MeToo re-defined. And not includes that to behave like a son of a bitch.

the Clip is Criticized but not primarily in favour of the masculinity stereotype factory Gillette feigning attention outspread, but as “Anti-men-advertising”.

in fact, the Spot addresses something that is negotiated in the Humanities and social Sciences in the United States, the term “toxic masculinity”, so “Toxic masculinity”. Certain forms of male behaviour which is to be classified as harmful – sexual harassment or even rape other forms of violence and Aggression to, depending on the author – male dominance posturing. In more than one publication, the term is brought up explicitly with Donald Trump in connection to a man, indicating, as known, in front of other men so that he could take women with impunity between the legs.

at most a reason to armpit

twitch, There is a clearly non-negligible subset of men in the Western world, which feels threatened by such discourses. The Overlap to the right of the circles is great, from #Gamergate to AfD. I find this remarkable, because, actually, we had agreed but the fact that Beating, Grabbing, Rape, Disparage, and so on, not more about the program should include. So a spot should be, at most, wince a reason to armpit.

More at LEVEL+ Patrick Bolger/ THE MIRROR YouTube phenomenon Jordan Peterson is The man, a fighting machine

in fact, current images of Masculinity are often quite toxic. The strictly scientific work of the end of American Psychological Association (APA), not suspicious, of the extended Arm to be radical feminists, has recently published new guidelines for “the psychological practice with boys and men” (PDF). The term “toxic masculinity” is not in it, but some sobering facts. For example, that 90 percent of violent crimes are committed in the USA by men. At us it is similar.

Toxic to us

“Many men and boys have been socialized, Aggression and violence as a means of interpersonal conflict resolution”, – stated in the APA guidelines. And: “men, the annexes to rigid, sexist, Patriarchal, masculine norms, advocate for, and commit more violence against the intimate partner or sexual violence.”

The predominantly male! Authors of the guidelines also point to the fact that men are often other men to the victim. Men kill, also, four times as often as women. You have less depression to be diagnosed, a lot of more alcohol – or drug abuse – which is probably due to the fact that men just beautiful not a wine to be and to treat, therefore, prefer to use alcohol or drugs to self-try. The runs, if you get even as a Boy been taught that a man kindly biting the teeth together.

in other words: Certain male self-images can in fact be toxic – even for the men themselves.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.