Hongsam Jeong Everytime Travel Edition/Courtesy of KGC

Hongsam Jeong Everytime Travel Edition launched

During the summer vacation season, many people try to find a location or activity, which will leave them refreshed. But after a vacation of a week or longer, some struggle to return to daily life, which is called the post-vacation syndrome.

Experts point out that there is no easy cure for the syndrome – people are advised to just wait for it to clear on its own.

But the Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) points out that ginseng products can help prevent the hard-to-treat syndrome. And toward that end, the world’s top ginseng product maker rolled out dedicated products.

The country’s top health supplement producer joined hands with KIMI AND 12, an Instagram-based popular illustrator, to launch Hongsam Jeong Everytime Travel Edition.

The new product, which includes red ginseng extract, is composed of 40 pouches for the convenience of portability.

Each stick pack contains the recommended dose of six-year-grown red ginseng extract.

Ginseng gets better with age and six years is the best in terms of the amount of healthful components, including saponins.

The KGC is the leading global brand in six-year-grown red ginseng products, which are the representative specialty of the country.

The Korean government has presented them to foreign leaders such as Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

We come up with Hongsam Jeong Everytime Travel Edition every summer to help our customers fight fatigue naturally and get their energy back,” a KGC official said.

We hope that the limited edition products will enable our customers to have a great summer vacation and get back to everyday life without any problem.”