Update on the 26. October 2018, 16.20 PM: After the sexual Assault on a nine-year-old in the Augsburg school toilet, the Bavarian parents Association (BEV) warns of a panic, and before that, to tighten the security arrangements in schools. “Every school in Bavaria has already a concept to tailor their security,” said the BEV-Chairman Martin lion on Friday. “That in schools a total of only a little happens, is also due to the,” he says. The strictest security precautions could not prevent everything.

For the Bavarian parents Association is the best prevention against acts of violence, to strengthen the children to sharpen their observation and with the right reactions to violent Attacks practice. In the present case, it must be questioned why the girl gave him the unknown man so much confidence that it had entered with him to the toilet, and what would have to learn the school and the children.

Augsburg: girls on the toilet of an elementary school miss

Update on 25.10.2018, 15.50 PM: After the alleged sexual Assault of a man on a nine-year-old primary school pupil in Augsburg of the President of the German teachers Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, his demands for more security in the schools (reaffirmed in need see Update 6.48 PM).

It was reported in the past few years, a violence to increase. Meidinger sees this as a worrying development.

Especially when Supervisory staff were placed in schools bad. Video cameras or auto-locking systems could provide Meidinger, for more security. So you could lock down the school building after the class has started, to prevent Strangers access to the school buildings, such as the President of the German teachers ‘ Association on Thursday of the German press Agency said.

Horrific abuse of a nine-year-old at the Augsburg school – expert measures

Update, 25 October 2018, 6.48 PM: calls are Still the horror of the disgusting fact of the Augsburg primary school is large. A 21-Year-old man was walking institution in the teaching and was the last of a 9-Year-old student.

Shocked and anxious parents will naturally ask yourself: How could this happen and my child at his school is safe? Heinz-Peter Meidinger, the President of the German teachers ‘ Association, stated according to the focus.de an increase of violence and crime in schools. Meidinger, Director of the Robert-Koch-Gymnasium in Deggendorf, therefore four claims, in order to increase the security of Germany’s schools and, in particular, criminal invaders to repel.

So it should be installed according to Meidinger, an automatic safety system, the Chips, for a teacher aims to open doors at any time. Visitors should only be allowed after a security check by the Secretariat, enter the building and rooms should be in an emergency only opened from the inside. In addition, Meidinger calls for a more generous video surveillance and a culture of Hinschauens. Fourth, would be needed, according to Meidinger, more Supervisory personnel. He cites the example of France, where staff control the entrance in the morning.

Augsburg: girl (9) on school toilet abused – teacher summarizes Suspects

Update 24. October 2018, 20.45: “the fact is that classmates and teachers have reacted very well and, therefore, the offender could be taken as soon as possible,” said Michael Jacob, spokesperson for the police Presidium Schwaben-Nord.

A spokeswoman for the Bavarian Ministry of culture in Munich, said that schools would take such current incidents as an occasion to review their security concepts. Augsburg education officer Hermann Köhler told the Augsburger Allgemeine that Strangers should have no place in schools, but in the current operation, it was difficult to identify them. The teachers were always stopped, Unknown.

The CSU-politician said that such cases could not always be prevented. “I know that the longing is there, but not a hundred percent security, there is not unfortunately.”

Update 24. October 2018, 14.45 PM: Against the Suspect’s arrest warrant has been issued. The 21-Year-old will be accused in addition to sexual abuse, including rape and attempted aggravated sexual child tried to abuse, informed the public Prosecutor and the police.

Update 24. October 2018, 12.20 PM: According to the alleged abuse of a nine-year-old girl on a toilet of the Wittelsbach family school in Augsburg, the Suspect should be presented on Wednesday to the judge.

Augsburg: nine-year-old to school abused teacher overwhelmed one Suspect – initial notification by the 24. October 2018

Augsburg – The police was alerted on Tuesday in the midday hours, because a man staying unauthorised in the school and a student to bother, reported the Augsburg police headquarters. When the officers arrived at the school, held a teacher the 21-year-old Suspect.

The man had approached after a preliminary investigation, a nine-year-old, had gone with the child on the Girls ‘ bathroom and had passed to the student. “When the girl screamed for help, responded with a classmate, immediately, and agreed that a teacher”, police said. The teacher intervened immediately, overpowered the offender and held him until the police arrived.

The 21-Year-old was temporarily detained. The prosecution is now expected to apply for a warrant against the man. The nine-year-old will be supervised by school psychologists.

on Monday morning, it came around 10 o’clock to a police operation at a school im of Augsburg in the district of Kriegshaber. As informed by the police, had there shows a student his classmates with a gun.

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