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K-pop girl group Red Velvet/Courtesy of CJ E&M

Red Velvet dethrones BlackPink

Red Velvet was the most popular K-pop girl group in July followed by BlackPink and TWICE, according to a monthly brand reputation analysis by the Korea Reputation Center (KRC).

The Seoul-based institute collected 103,794,990 pieces of data between June 12 and July 13 to evaluate the brand power of the country’s most prominent 30 girl groups.

The KRC compiles related data including media attention, comments on social networking sites, and people’s interests to come up with a brand index of girl groups on a monthly basis.

No. 1 Red Velvet gained 8,400,316 points, up 38.97 percent from a month ago, comprising 703,052 on the participation index, 3,733,272 on the media activity index, 1,485,513 on the communication index, and 2,478,479 on the community index.

Runner-up BlackPink saw its overall index dip 10.84 percent to 8,296,055 points this month composed of 299,064 on the participation index, 2,097,144 on the media activity index, 2,971,023 on the communication index, and 2,928,825 on the community index. The quartet topped the podium last month.

Third-placed TWICE’s brand index edged up 1.27 percent to 7,205,136 points month-on-month as the band scored 411,740 on the participation index, 2,895,600 on the media activity index, 1,323,775 on the communication index, and 2,574,021 on the community index.

IZ*ONE took the fourth slot with 7,003,657 points, up 18.62 percent from a month before. The group gained 536,044 on the participation index, 2,008,224 on the media activity index, 1,179,719 on the communication index, and 3,279,670 on the community index.

Cosmic Girls placed fifth with 5,818,532 points, up 68.8 percent from June by obtaining 185,844 on the participation index, 3,097,616 on the media activity index, 882,677 on the communication index, and 1,652,395 on the community index.

KRC CEO Koo Chang-hwan said that the data for July increased 7.79 percent compared to June.

With regard to Red Velvet, people frequently used such words as ‘pretty, cute, and good job.’ The most widely used keywords were ‘Irene, magnificent and various.’ Up to 70.06 percent of comments on the girl group were positive,” Koo said.

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