Who asks as a regular customer of Amazon.de with reference to the General data protection regulation (DSGVO), which the company stores more than a, gets sent to an extensive data package. This may include, for example, the self-curated Watchlist of the video service, Prime Video, and an Overview of all orders you have made with his Account, ever to free MP3 Downloads.

to use the voice assistant, Alexa, who runs around on Amazon and smart Echo-speakers, which contains the package data. An Overview of your own commands, for example, even as transcript collection with content such as “play us the song O fir-tree,” and once in audio form as a collection of .wav-files. You can listen to so again exactly what you had Alexa as I said or asked. (Alexa data, by the way, even without DSGVO query here under “voice recording-history” view, listen to, and delete, you can find out more on the article at the end.)

For all these data, for the voice recordings, in Particular, is supposed to apply: Unauthorised persons may not have access to them. After all, it’s nobody else’s something, at which time it is Alexa his alarm clock or even as the own dialect in an audio recording sounds. Add to that some of the users of your language assistant, perhaps even more intimate questions, and it was just for fun.

went wrong

As the Tech magazine “c’t” reported , it came out this autumn on the subject of Alexa, but in a data breach at the German Amazon offshoot Amazon.de. A customer had requested with respect to the DSGVO be a data packet, accordingly, 1700 Alexa-the language of the records in the data information, not Packed, which belonged to his Account. Like the “c’t” reported, had used the man Alexa.

As Amazon.de not responded to a demand of the customers, first of all, put this data to the Tech magazine. Also, the editors came to the conclusion: Here is something to get mixed up. According to the magazine, the pictures are “audible from the privacy of foreign persons, for example, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom”.

“c’t” managed on the basis of the contents of the records to identify the Echo-owners, whose data is the client voice had come. The Affected person was like “from the clouds”, as it was pointed out by “c’t” on the breakdown, it says. He had apparently requested at a similar time a DSGVO-data information such as the Person who got wrong in his data.

And not only on the Echo-owner of the magazine knew something. As the long version of the “c’t”-the Research, the data also hear that sometimes a woman in his household, Alexa commands – also, the magazine got on the basis of information in the commands, at least an idea of who exactly it is.

human error

On a MIRROR-demand Amazon.de it is said that the “unfortunate event” was the “result of human error”. In addition, was an “isolated case” – a good message for other customers DSGVO requests to the company. (On a Test data query of the MIRROR from the July towards the only appropriate Alexa were actually data.)

it is said of Amazon: “We have resolved the Problem with the two participating customers and measures for the further improvement of our processes taken. We were also, as a precaution, in contact with the competent authorities.”

Amazon’s restitution to the man whose Alexa-shots landed in a Stranger, is mentioned in the “c’t”-article by the way and looks bizarre: According to information from the person Concerned received Amazon.de a free Prime membership, as well as two additional devices with Alexa-function.

how to delete your Alexa language files

do you want your Alexa-voice files to delete? Then click on this Link, log in to your Amazon account and then go to “voice recording-history”. There you get an Overview of the voice recordings.

To Delete the records it is on Amazon’s help page, the process of influence “may your Alexa experience” – when in doubt, you should not stop this note but to delete things you don’t want to have longer on Amazon’s servers. You do nothing, your information is there indefinitely stored.

To Delete, it says on the help page: “If you choose to delete voice recordings, will be deleted in addition to those records associated with cards on the home screen. Conversely, if you remove a card on the home screen of your Alexa App, no voice recordings will be deleted.”

And finally it is noted that the described here to Delete a voice recording of the so-called Alexa-messages – that this refers to voice and text messages to other users – will be removed.

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