“It has no sense to describe with the word ‚impossible something seems to have happened already.”

Douglas Adams, “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency”

There is nothing around – in many ways, 2018 was a terrible year. Donald Trump inhabited the White house, if he is not just Golf, in the Bundestag a right-wing party sits. The European Union suffers from populists and the threat of Britain’s exit. In Syria and in Yemen war. The CO2 emissions from the world.


Many of the key figures that appear in the abstract, but for millions of no-suffering, develop extremely positive. In the most positive cases, that is to say: down. And towards the end of the year, you could suddenly get the feeling that Trump, Brexit, populism and AfD Nagging or not, but still something very Good is possible: humanity finally manages to feel as humanity, and sometimes humanity.

The most enjoyable curves show down

For example, the child mortality rate in the world, and in almost all the countries of the earth, relatively independent of wealth. The Same is true for the number of people living in extreme poverty.

And no, dear cynical overpopulation horsemen: This is not dangerous, but good, because if children decrease mortality and poverty, the decline in the birth rates. For some reason it just occurred to us wealthy residents of the industry have to accept Nations but is extremely difficult to a lot of things to the Positive to develop.

down around the curves for a live show of dangerous infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and Malaria.

Up a lot of curves in the medium term, ensure that people can meet anywhere on the globe better, more informed decisions: on the other hand, The number of people who can read, is growing every year. In addition, almost as many girls as boys attend now worldwide, at least a primary school.

Many of the above-linked statistics relate to the year 2018, but 2017 or even 2016 – this is due to the fact that such Figures are often with a certain lag. There is nothing to suggest that this extremely positive trend should be stopped in 2018.


For many of the Poorest on the planet the world is actually better, even if cynics and pessimists want to persistently believe the opposite. A very bad year 2018, however, was for all those who continue to deny that the global climate crisis is a man-made Problem.

The embarrassing uncle in Washington

The decisions of Katowice go, although still not far enough to be catastrophic effects of global warming to exclude, but a very good message, you are still: Almost all the countries of the earth have known at the conference, not only to the goal of reducing the global CO2 emissions. You have to set also the method with which these efforts in the future can be checked.

This is a development of enormous, hope-making scope: The claim that we humans have to do with global warming anything, to the US President, Donald Trump still seems to hold, is become with the decisions of the Katowice final, to a bizarre, minority position. Who does, were it not for the man-made climate change, in the eyes of the world is simply ridiculous.

on Twitter around slavering President (“WE will BE RESPECTED!”) acts of day-to-day yet silly, given the fact that the world community ignores him in this decisive question simply and to him and his government, around surgery. As a family, the ignored and alienated the embarrassing uncle at the Christmas eve politely but.

More on the topic of environmental protection is The you can do personally to combat climate change

This can’t go on 2019 so on

Donald Trump give a damn, but the man will not be eternal President. And in the Era to Trump many of its Republicans will have to realize that the oil industry has still a lot of money left to donate, you can win alone, but no more elections. Not if the own coasts from Storms and floods are devastated, and in some places the water is scarce and vast forests go up in flames.

the world community to keep all of the has reached millions of children from death, at least in basal education in the most remote areas, quite successfully, extreme poverty, Hunger and disease combats, and even their own guilt in the still impending climate disaster finally collectively accepted, and improvement has been praised, yet leaves hope.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.