“We need new technologies to avoid the most severe consequences of climate change,” says Bill Gates, on a visit to Brussels, who, suiting the action to the word, is based on the european Union to start a fund for joint investment of 100 million euros in the field of clean energy.

The funds of Bill Gates, Breakthrough Energy, will therefore have a european subsidiary (Breakthrough Energy Europe, BEE), co-financed with the european instrument, InnovFin, in order to help the most innovative companies in this field. The fund will be operational in 2019. “Pooling public and private investments dedicated to new, clean energy technologies and innovative is essential to identify long-term solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said, for his part, Jean-Claude Juncker.


in Addition to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the fund BEE will aim primarily at promoting energy efficiency in the sectors of transport, manufacturing, electricity, agriculture and construction. The european Union hopes to persuade other private initiatives to join his efforts brought, in this case, by its scientific research programme, Horizon 2020. “Achieving impressive investments in R&D, Europe demonstrated leadership beneficial “, welcomed Bill Gates, who resolutely turned towards Europe in view of the policy of president Donald Trump after his withdrawal from the Paris agreement.

The Commission has presented legislative proposals to reduce by at least 40 % of the emissions of CO2 by 2030. It will present a long-term strategic plan in November in the perspective of the COP24, which will be held in Katowice, Poland, from 3 to 14 December.

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