The Start of a very own Google search engine for the Chinese market is currently not planned, at least not in the near future. The company’s chief Sundar Pichai made it clear on Tuesday during a hearing before members of US Congress. Recently, media reports, according to which Google is working on a in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese authorities censored the Internet search, for severe criticism of the Internet group. Also, Google employees spoke out against the project.

Pichai denied in the interview that Google is playing internally with the idea of a search service for China. At one time, more than 100 people were at the Considerations involved, so Pichai. Access to information, he described also as a human right.

Google’s search engine is blocked in China at the moment, such as Gmail, because the company did not want to comply with the censorship requirements of the country. Google had withdrawn in the face of this dispute in 2010, from the Chinese market, from smaller initiatives such as Investments in Chinese Start-ups apart.

Who is “looking Stupid”, Trump

Like other Tech companies should also give Google the Congress information about its functioning. His company, under the pressures of conservative opinions had to defend themselves Sundar Pichai again and again against the accusations made by Republicans. “I run the company without any political alignment,” he assured them. Among other things, the Texas Deputy Lamar Smith claimed that conservative voices would be switched during the presidency of Donald Trump from Google mute.

One of Smith’s colleagues know why in the search for the term “Idiot wanted to explained” often a picture of Trump’s show – Pichai, Google’s search service works. The Deputy Tom Marino warned Google of a regulation by the authorities: “If the government intervenes to regulate, is not going to like them.” Some Democrats complained, however, that the rights of news would sides too much weight.

How much data Google collects?

another theme of the three and a half hour hearing the data collected by Google with its various services. The group suck a lot of users of the information “would make the NSA blush,” said Committee Chairman Robert Goodlatte, a Republican. Pichai replied that data would be collected only with the consent of the user. Shortly before the hearing, Google had been another data breach at the time of his offer to Google+, the subject according to the company, more than 50 million users.

If you have further questions, it was what had made Google against Russian Propaganda, among other things, in the Wake of the US presidential election in 2016.

Google is not Apple

Pichai, among other things, Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey were already hours in Congress were interviewed. These hearings have brought little concrete results, while the representatives of the two political parties took part, especially to the self-presentation and as a platform for their fundamental objections to Tech companies. Some politicians are exposed as a not very tech-savvy.

The Republicans ‘ Steve King about described to Pichai, and that his granddaughter had been displayed while Playing a children’s game on an iPhone a photo that apparently King himself showed, “and I’m not going to give to the Protocol, which was used language of this image”: “How come on the iPhone of a seven-year-olds, a children’s game?”

Pichai responded politely: “Mr Deputy, the iPhone is made by a different company.” The King then said: “It could also be an Android.”

On the question of Kings party colleague Ted Poe, if Google could track him when he moves with his Apple phone across the room, said Pichai: “by default. However, it could be that there is a Google service, for the use of you have decided…” As the Poe the Google CEO and a clear Yes or no answer is demanded, said Pichai, that the question of leave, without more Details no one right answer.


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