Now Google joins the ranks of those Tech companies, warning against the unwanted consequences of facial recognition. The company said in a blog post that it wanted first of all to renounce it, the Software for face recognition for the Public.

The technology must first be carefully examined, so that “your use with our principles and values and abuse and its harmful consequences can be avoided,” writes Kent Walker, the head of the legal Department of Google. With a side-swipe at the competition, Walker announces, the face detection first of all, non-commercial offer. Unlike other companies, they wanted to clarify first of all the “important technical and political questions”.

civil rights activist of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) described the announcement as a “strong first step”. Thus, the group had shown that he possessed a moral compass. “We renew our call to Amazon and Microsoft, their dangerous face monitoring does not further the government’s offer.”

Amazon’s Monitoring-patent application

These two companies is also a side blow from Google. Because both companies have released their facial recognition Software for customer, to earn money. Microsoft Recently warned also against the risks posed by technology such as face detection, which is based on machine Learning that provides the appropriate Software, but for a long time: customers are able to access the Azure interface, and to use the face detection at very low prices.

Amazon, in turn, is accused of selling the technology as a service, among other things, the controversial US immigration ICE, the children should be separated at the border to Mexico by their parents.

A patent application that Amazon is considering a further privatization of the video-surveillance: The ACLU had published on Wednesday on the plans for a network doorbell with camera. Therefore, Amazon wants to let all the passers-by movies, running to the front door over. The faces should be matched with a database, so that both the owner of the house, as well as be reported to the police suspicious people.

According to the ACLU this could lead to Amazon with such devices and the servers which they offer to law enforcement, “builds all the parts of a monitoring network, the ranges from the government to the doorstep”.

FILE PHOTO: A Google logo is seen at the companys headquarters in Mountain View, California, U. S. a, November 1, 2018. REUTERS/ Stephen Lam – RC1D55999C70/File Photo

However, even Google has not acted in the past, make sure to the values propagated by the company now. So, Google had a contract with the U.S. military to pressure of its own employees leak. Google had evaluated with self-learning Software (artificial intelligence or in short AI) in the recordings of the drones are automated.

No Opt out

Without rules, this opinion and scientists of New York University at the AI Now Institute. In its annual report (PDF) calling for the researchers that such technology is regulated by the law stricter and companies to internally monitor the development in accordance with ethical principles. In order for a surveillance state, and the discrimination of women and non-whites should be prevented.

Basically, the researchers recommend that everyone should have the Chance to refuse to allow an automatic detection and analysis. However, due to the system will initially be filmed in all faces. In the next step, the Software could detect that a Person does not want to be analyzed.

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