With the compromise proposal of the Federal government over Changes to the controversial ban on the advertising of abortions, the SPD is in a difficult position. Because, as in the ranks of the Opposition also many social-democratic politicians want to enhance the sections 219a – but in the evening, negotiated a compromise, the competent Federal Minister from the CDU and the SPD only provides for a Reform. Doctors and hospitals should be able to inform, therefore, in the future, about abortion.

In the SPD to admit it is in light of this proposal demands a vote in the Bundestag as a matter of conscience, so that Comrades may also vote against the coalition partners CDU and CSU. The SPD, Left, greens and FDP in the Bundestag have a majority in favour of the abolition of the ban on Advertising.

Section 219a of the criminal code prohibits advertisements for abortion – thus making themselves liable to prosecution, who is to his financial advantage to offer such as “due to” public abortions. Until January, a draft law should be completed, which will then advise of the coalition factions, but on Thursday, the political groups in the Bundestag want to discuss the topic of the FDP, has requested the deletion of the paragraph. Union and the SPD will probably try to transfer this request to the committees to a vote out of the way.

AKK: “protection of life has overwhelming importance”

Because while some SPD members, the compromise does not go far enough, the Union at the basic principle of section 219a. “The protection of life, unborn and born, has for the CDU is of paramount importance,” said the new CDU Chief with Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer. Therefore, it is good that the permanent prohibition of advertising. Your party wants to advise on the proposal of the Federal government at the beginning of the year retreat of the CDU Federal Executive Board in January in Erfurt.

If the CDU can be so for a long time? Already on Friday, the topic should be addressed in the Bundesrat, The Land of Berlin had requested that the advertising ban is on the agenda, informed the SPD-health Senator Dilek Kolat. Berlin call, together with Bremen, Brandenburg, Hamburg and Thuringia, the complete deletion of this clause 219a. The compromise the Federal government could be a first step, Kolat. “I remain, however, that a complete deletion of this clause 219a is the right way to show a clear stance.”

Minister for the family, Franziska Giffey, Minister of justice, Barley, Chancellery chief brown

faced with this tricky situation called for the SPD party left, Matthias Miersch for future coalitions the opportunity to more flexible Alliance forms. “We will certainly need new forms of government speeches, just in case of possible three alliances”, said the head of the parliamentary Left in the SPD Bundestag group. In the past, he had proposed the model of a cooperative coalition (“KoKo”). “Not everything is down to the last Detail, so each side has the freedom, in the case of certain topics independently, to vote,” he said. So you could show in the Bundestag, “who stands for what, as we struggle to find the best way, that we are a black-and-red lumps.”

CSU land group chief Alexander Dobrindt was wary of the compromise proposal, however, something positive for the coalition. “The proposal of the Federal Minister is an important step in the clarification of a fundamental issue in the coalition,” said Dobrindt. “He aims to improve the information in the case of pregnancy conflicts, coupled with a clear rejection of a lifting of the advertising ban.”

Nahles, also relies on time: Wait and see, evaluate, decide,

The Greens accused the government of playing for time. Doctors and women will find with the compromise proposal further distrust. SPD Leader Andrea Nahles, has been withdrawn in the past, out of respect to the Grand coalition-Partner a request for deletion of the paragraph, said: “We will now wait and see the exact text of the law, and then in January in our groups to evaluate, advise, and decide.”

The criminal proceedings for violations of the advertising ban affected Physicians Kristina Hänel, Natasha Nicklaus and Nora Szász stated on the compromise proposal, they were appalled. Upon closer Inspection, the proposal has proved to be a “Zero-point”. Clause 219a, including its penalty of two years in prison should remain “complete”. “The remaining proposals to improve the Situation, accompanying measures, which are already possible now.”

Regardless of the ban on advertising abortions in Germany are, in principle, liable to prosecution, but can be, under certain conditions, exempt from punishment. This possibility had fought for the women’s movement in the early seventies.


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