Pregnant women should be able to in the future, and information about the possibilities for an abortion. In addition, young women. the contraceptive pill for two years longer, until the 22 Birthday, from the insurance paid to get. The draft bill provides that the Federal government’s advertising after years of disputes, the so-called ban fürAbtreibungen agreed. He is the German press Agency. The advertising ban itself remains in place, therefore, the Clause 219a is but supplements.

“We make sure that affected women in a personal emergency situation to the information they need,” said Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD). The new rule also provides legal certainty for Doctors, – said Minister of family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD). “In the future, every doctor in Germany is allowed to inform about the fact that he or she performs abortion,” she said. Any woman will easily find information on where in your area what methods abortion could be performed.

a new regulation for the assumption of costs for prevention is Provided in addition pills. The health insurance companies should assume the costs in the future for longer, helping young women to avoid unwanted pregnancies, said the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU). “I think that in the context of the found compromise is a good addition.” The increase in the age limit of 20 to 22 years and costs the statutory health insurance funds according to the draft every year, around 40 million euros more.

The Grand coalition had been arguing for months violently over a Section 219a of the criminal code. This prohibits abortions “advertising” for pregnancy. Accordingly, is liable to criminal prosecution anyone who “offers his financial advantage because of the” public abortions. The SPD had – like Green, Left and the FDP, for the abolition of the ban not required, the Union side wanted.

In December, the five competent Ministers negotiated a compromise proposal, introduced but not all of the critics, also within the SPD, satisfied. On this compromise, the law on building design.

Specifically, should be inserted in Section 219a of a new paragraph, and thus, an additional exception will be set. Physicians and hospitals may be publicly accordingly – for example, on the own website – inform you that you perform abortions. You should at the same time allowed for more information neutral Provide clues about Links on your Internet site.

The Federal chamber of physicians will also keep a Central list of Doctors, hospitals and other facilities, the crashes make – with information on methods used. The list shall monthly be and by the Federal centre for health education published on the Internet updated.

The draft bill will now be voted on within the Federal government and with countries and organizations for advice. On 6. February, the Cabinet should adopt the draft law.


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