Who will win with Josef Ferstl on Sunday in the Super-G for the first time in Kitzbühel, whose Name is perpetuated in the summer, on a gondola, the Hahnenkammbahn, as the Tradition wants it. A solemn ceremony to which hundreds of projects have already delighted to be powerful. Only, and the head is giving him a break, he does not know which first name he would like to have on the cabin.

“at The Moment, I tend to Pepi,” says the 30-Year-old, “my nickname, which is then clearly. When I write Joseph on it, then some say to go with my dad.” Sepp Ferstl, the downhill winner of 1979. And not to be confused with his father, Josef Ferstl junior would like to.

Josef “Sepp” Ferstl (center) won at 20. In January 1979, the Hahnenkamm downhill in Kitzbühel. Links Ulli Joined (3. Square), on the right, Peter Wirnsberger (2. Place), both from Austria.

with Papa Sepp, he has been Compared, finally, long enough. Always with the addition: “The son of”. And that made him to create. The Pepi have suffered from the “always a little under the burden of the father,” said DSV-Alpine-in-chief Wolfgang Maier on Sunday. Under the pressure of the Name Ferstl.

pressure due to a skiing career, not the Sepp. Even if the Old man sent the Pepi as a six year old boy once the swipe down to show him how it feels. Mouse Trap, Steep Slope, House Mountain Edge. Excited, the little Josef was not about any of that. “I was crying this, crying, crying,” he said after his Triumph on Sunday. But pressure from the father, no, never, says the son, in an interview with the MIRROR a few days after that. “I’d be a construction worker or academics, no matter, I know he would always be stood behind me.”

But Ferstl wanted to be a skier, from a private drive. At the age of twelve, he moved away from home in victory village, went to the Christophorus school in Berchtesgaden, an Elite boarding school for the promotion of young winter sports enthusiasts, where he then completed the Mittlere reife. “As I was early on my own,” he says, “it helped me cut the cord and be self-employed.” He managed it, only when it comes to skiing, the necessary looseness was missing for a long time.

The tragedy of Kaprun

“My Problem was always the head,” says Ferstl, “I’ve got too much thinking. And that was the big difference to my dad. The is on the skis and easy on and off. The was much free. Much more wild Pig than I am.”

Ferstl spoke after his victory on Sunday a lot about his career and his life, and often the same questions came up, he often gave the same answers. Again and again it was about the relationship to his father. “Good and normal,” he said, “even if we don’t talk on the phone every day to each other and to us not so often see.” Ferstl also told of a great tragedy in the family, the one that occurred on September 11. November 2000 in Kaprun.

The little Pepi was eleven when he went on that Saturday with his ski club to the Kitzsteinhorn, to a trip that was supposed to be a beautiful day of skiing on the glacier and with a disaster that he barely escaped. Shortly before nine o’clock, he and some friends from the ski club took the funicular railway that led from the valley nearly four miles through a Tunnel to the glacier. Not all of the Association made it into the full train, dated for the above, you would then take the next train, they said, remained at the bottom. You never saw again. The next train never came up.

“How much luck I had, I was not aware of”

On Board the next turn 162 passengers. After a good kilometre in the Tunnel, the train stopped from a broken hydraulic line, Oil dripped into the heater and ignited a devastating fire.

Among the 155 deaths also friends Ferstls. And his uncle Franz. The brother of father Sepp, Junior trainer at DSV. “How much luck I had, I was not aware of,” says Josef Ferstl. “I haven’t perceived with my eleven years at the time and realized what happened. The full extent of the disaster was to me only in retrospect aware of. Of course, I also think sometimes still there, on the anniversary, and sometimes I visit the grave of my uncle.” Otherwise, he says, he had now largely completed.

What matters for him is the present. And in the future. “A treat,” he calls the success of Sunday, “a victory in Kitzbühel is almost an Olympic and a world championship medal.” Of course he wants to apply to the departure on Saturday in Garmisch-coming week in the Speed race at the world Championships in Åre, on the podium, Ferstl well as one of the co-favourites. After the season, it’s time for the family. At home in Tengling in the Kreis Traunstein. Mrs Vroni and two children, daughter Leni, 4, and the one and a half year old son.

by the way, time ski racer and in Kitzbühel win, he doesn’t have to zermartern, after all, the brain because of a possible confusion of Names with the dad in the winning gondola. The Boy called Hannes.

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