Britain’s Prime Minister, Theresa May wants to the Parliament, as planned, on 11. December about the Brexit agreement to the vote. The Brexit-Minister Stephen Barclay said in the BBC. He pointed to different reports that May because of the threat of defeat, a kick considered to have. The Sunday Times, for example, had written referring to Ministers and advisers, that the Prime Minister wanted to travel, once to Brussels, in order to better negotiate terms.

May, this agreement several times in the past as a final. In addition, the EU has made it clear to do not want to re-negotiate.

In an Interview with the Daily Mail, the Prime Minister warned the deputies of their party to vote against the Brexit Treaty. A ” no ” will not bring the country great uncertainty, and the threat to leave the EU. “If you want the Brexit, then you get him, and that’s what this Deal is,” she said. The leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn’m just waiting for it to force new elections. “I think Jeremy Corbyn in Power is a risk we can’t afford it.”

It is currently considered unlikely that the Parliament will agree to the May negotiated Brexit agreement. In addition to the Labour Opposition also several members of Mays Tories against the Treaty want to vote. Brexit-the Minister Barclay said that May could remain in the event of a defeat of the Prime Minister. However, conservative parliamentarians could try to overthrow a vote of censure.

Ministers want to May of the second Referendum to convince

According to the Guardian, several Cabinet are currently trying to convince the members May by a second Referendum. The Prime Minister was so convinced of the agreement, that a second Referendum would be a way to enforce it. Open to Minister Amber Rudd, who would vote for remaining in the EU is well-known in the Guardian already social. Justice Minister David Gauke, however, is against a further Referendum, because it would reinforce his view of uncertainties.

Britain wants to on 29. March 2019 to leave the EU. The Brexit should not have been adopted-the agreement until then, could only prevent notverein agreements a complete mess in the case of air transport, stay and visa issues, and financial services.

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