The World Team Challenge biathlon in the Arena auf Schalke is a mood full of Mixed competition that is not received in the world Cup standings. The fun is in the foreground. Therefore, it is exactly the right framework for emotional moments. The German Benedikt Doll thought, probably, than he turned down in third place heading to the finish line. Doll looked around and saw that Ole was Einar Bjørndalen directly behind him.

With eight Olympia wins and 20 world titles to their name, the Norwegian is the one of the most successful biathlete in the history. Actually, he has ended his great career. In Gelsenkirchen, he came yet again – at the side of his wife, Darya Domracheva, in turn, four-time Olympic champion and two-time world champion, is also entered.

the Doll didn’t want these two legends say goodbye with a fourth place, that’s why he and waved over waiting Bjørndalen. Hand-in-Hand drove the two through the target, wherein Doll made sure to stay just behind the Norwegians. So Bjørndalen and Domracheva were happy to farewell to a given place on the podium. Doll and his partner Denise Herrmann were celebrated for their Fairness.

The victory also secured the Italian Team Lukas Hofer and wilhemina Wierer, with only 1.2 seconds ahead of German Simon Schempp and Franziska Preuß. Although they missed the success so scarce, were not Schempp and Preuß disappointed. “If it runs as a German Team on the front, makes it so much fun. This gives you as an athlete very much,” said Schempp.


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