After the Green-Chairman Robert Habeck has put his Accounts in Facebook and Twitter still, he defended his decision, and Twitter is sharply criticized. “The Medium has evolved since Obama’s first election campaign of an Instrument of democratization, rather, an Instrument of division,” says Habeck of the weekly newspaper “die Zeit”.

None for this development so much as “the Twitterers Donald Trump”. For him as a politician, Habeck, “Twitter is not a Medium of genuine Dialogue, this is a myth”.

On Monday, the Green politician had announced on his Blog that he will put his Social Media channels still. As a reason he might have been an error, which he had made there. He repeats himself had controversial content spread. So was about to appeared on the side of the Greens in Thuringia, a Video in which Habeck promised, after the elections in October 2019 you’ll do everything “so that Thuringia is an open, free, liberal, democratic country”. It had been a lot of criticism. The Video was later deleted.

in addition, Habeck was one of the politicians that were affected by data theft and publication of private information by a Hacker in the past year. The theft was only the beginning of January, known. A suspect was arrested last Sunday on a provisional basis.

Habeck: Dear “real conversations”

Habeck announced that it plans to seek more in the future, other forms of encounter: “My longing for a direct exchange of views with the people in the future will be rather greater, in the form of actual conversations, and a slower digital communications.”

A return to Facebook or Twitter from includes Habeck for the time being: “I can’t see infinitely into the future, but first, I have blown up the bridges.”


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