in a nutshell: After the alleged rape of an 18-Year-olds in Freiburg, the police searches for other Suspects. The investigations have revealed two more DNA evidence, said Bernd Belle of the Freiburg police. Footsteps belonged to none of the eight Suspects had been arrested. Two other DNA traces could have been, however, the eight detained Suspects in the age from 19 years to 29 years to assign. The main suspect according to police intensive offender.

Since the summer of 2018, the now-22 is supposed to have committed-Year-old and after multiple offenses. There were three injuries and two actions with a sexual reference. Together with two other men he is supposed to have in 2017, a 20-Year-old in his apartment, raped. The victim helped with the investigation and was “stable,” according to investigators. The 18-year-old student was raped after a Disco visit. Eight Suspects are sitting in detention – seven Syrians, at the age of 19 years to 29 years and a 25 year old German.

22.35 PM: As the “image” reported, investigated by the police against four other Suspects. It is unclear, however, whether the genetic, uh, fingerprints might be associated with it. Already in the afternoon, the investigators had stated that two Suspects would be searched for. Eight Suspects are already in custody. More soon on FOCUS Online.

Union chief: staff shortages as a reason for open warrants

18.41 PM: The chief of the German police Union, Rainer Wendt, looks to thin staffing in the police and the judiciary as a possible reason for not fully stretching out arrest warrants. Many people believed that the police are just waiting for
arrest warrants were issued, and then immediately get started, said Wendt of the “Heilbronner Stimme”. The is not so. “Therefore, many arrest warrants remain in Germany, not enforced, and the accused will only be detained if they come in checks.”

In the case of the alleged gang rape in Freiburg, a warrant for the arrest of a principal was accused, but was not enforced immediately. Therefore, the police and the Minister of the interior Thomas Strobl (CDU), are in the criticism.

Freiburg police President advises women: “you are not defenseless with drugs and alcohol”

16.00: After the gang-rape of an 18-year-old free citizen of the police has referred to the President of the city’s security situation as “stable”. In an interview with the “mirror” said Bernhard Rotzinger but also: “We must make it clear that to prevent in an open society each offence.” You could offer citizens the “full insurance”.

in Order to prevent such crimes in the future, he had also a piece of advice for the population: “does not make you defenseless with alcohol and drugs.” dpa

Minister of the interior Strobl: “speaks not stand idly by”

14.42 PM: The CDU Minister of interior of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Thomas Strobl, on the case in Freiburg. Although violent crime had fallen overall in Freiburg, but also feel the citizens safe. Therefore, he wants to increasingly use so-called discovery wizard – in the current case of the alleged gang rape. “We will not sit idly by”, so Strobl.

He wanted to in the future to clarify more strongly against Criminal procedure and women. In the Ministry of the interior in Baden-Württemberg would be foreign multiple offenders, especially in the focus, for this purpose, a corresponding infrastructure of the Ministry is to be created.

a Toxicology report not yet completed

11.02 am: Now journalists are allowed to ask their questions. A media representative would like to know: Included the drink, the tropics, the victim in the Disco to close, K. o.? Rotzinger from the police Bureau, explained that the toxicology report was not yet complete. At this point the TV broadcast to the press conference ends. The current investigation, read it from here.

10.58 PM: Bernhard Rotzinger from the police Bureau talks about the security situation in Freiburg. He noted an increase of sexual offences, including the offence of sexual harassment recently. This would lead to an increase in Ads, says Rotzinger. 70 percent of the ad cases brought would be cleared up at the end, so Rotzinger on a demand of a journalist.

10.52 PM: Belle talks about the arrest warrant that was not executed against one of the Suspects. The investigators had first tried to approach the man who had violated the narcotic law. Belle speaks of a “prepared action”, but then it had been before the arrest of the said rape. The events have “overtaken”. World/FOCUS Online Bernd Belle, the criminal investigation Department

Suspects were part a criminal record already – the main suspect committed two sex crimes

10: 48 PM: All eight of the men were “suspect”. Two of the Syrians were not previously entered criminal in appearance. Another of the Syrians was the police already known: He had resided unlawfully in the Federal Republic of Germany, Mächtel, has taken over the word. The main suspect, according to Mächtel an intensive offender, which is why an arrest warrant against him was issued – but this was not enforced up to the deed. Since the summer of 2018, the now-22 is supposed to have committed-Year-old and after multiple offenses. There were three injuries and “two acts of sexual reference”. Together with two other men he is supposed to have in 2017, a 20-Year-old in his apartment, raped. Another of the alleged perpetrators had also been due to sexual criminal offences is striking.

The victim was “stable” – two DNA traces of any of the suspects to assign stresses

10.45: Belle, the victim was “stable”. You’ve helped the investigation to advance. But the great public attention to give her.

10.43 PM: Now, the Deputy head of the criminal police Directorate Bernd Belle speaks: There are two DNA matches, of two suspects. There were two other DNA traces that were previously identified. The found traces of any of the suspects to you, so Belle. It would, therefore, after a further two persons. World/FOCUS Online attorney Michael Mächtel

10.40 am: the Extent to which the drugs have made the woman defenseless, according to the current investigation is unclear, so Mächtel stand.

10.37 PM: The state of knowledge: The student has consumed, according to the Mächtel drugs – probably Ecstasy. She was served a drink with a drug. A man – a Syrian who is supposed to be the alleged main suspect – have a go then your in a forest section. There had been a rape. After the sexual Assault, the Syrians should have gone back to the Disco and the other seven men notice have been given of where the “defenceless” victim.

security situation in Freiburg is also the topic of

10.34 am: Michael Mächtel of the office of the public Prosecutor speaks. He places the property is, “as far as is currently possible”. Mächtel emphasized that the publication of Information, requires special consideration – for the protection of the victim, the Suspect and the ongoing investigation. “We are here to take, no main hearing in advance”, so Mächtel, “but rest assured, it will all come to the table”.

10.32 PM: The investigators take place. At the press conference is to be spoken next to the case, about the security situation in Freiburg.

10.27 PM: the investigators inform. A question that is in the room, is: Who of the Suspects was actually involved in the rape?

Friday, may 2. November, 09.41 PM: Following the alleged group rape in Freiburg want to comment on the police and the public Prosecutor’s office on Friday (10.30 a.m.) at a press conference. Michael Mächtel of the public Prosecutor’s office, Bernhard Rotzinger from the police Bureau and Bernd Belle, Deputy head of the criminal police Directorate, will speak at the conference. Procedures are planned for explanations of the determination, as stated in a press release.

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