Seven restaurants you should visit in Seoul

Korean cuisine is known to be among the healthiest in the world. With its heavy reliance on nourishing vegetables, simplicity of cooking meat, and careful consideration for temperature, Korean food provides a blend of taste and nutrition, which is not only liked by Koreans but also admired by people all over the world.

Most Korean meals involve rice as the main course, which is sometimes replaced with noodles, along with numerous shared side dishes. Since the Koreans have mastered the art of preserving food, most of their side dishes are fermented, pickled or salted.

The best Korean restaurants are those that represent an amalgam of traditional Korean flavorings and contemporary seasonings. Serving styles in these restaurants usually involve an intricate display of every item on the plate, with careful service of the restaurant staff.

Fermented vegetable ‘kimchi’ sauce is quite popular and one of the most important side dish in Korean cuisine. It is a must-item in all Korean restaurants, with varying vegetables used as the main ingredient.

Although all the restaurants mentioned below are worth visiting, each one of them has its own distinctive taste and style, depending mainly on the choice and methods of the Chef.

Joo Ok

Joo Ok offers modern Korean cuisine. It is popular for its variety of homemade brewed vinegars served in cute little jars. The main courses are exquisitely cooked and served in fine plating. Some of their creative dishes include braised short ribs, fish carpaccio and beef broth rice cooked in butter.


Junsik offers a combination of Korean culinary and other flavorings from different parts of the world. A unique dish of this restaurant is the amuse bouche, which is plain boiled rice with side dishes and 5-6 finger foods.

This restaurant follows Korea’s rice or bap culture. The first floor offers wine selections along with à la carte dishes. The attentiveness of the staff and creatively prepared desserts make this place stand out as one of the top-rated Korean restaurants.

Mish Mash

Mish Mash is a modish bar offering delicious cocktails and enchanting food dishes. A unique cocktail flavor is Moscow Mule, which is a blend of sweet and spicy. Its secret ingredient is homemade ginger beer.

Other cocktails use syrups, homemade sugars, fresh juices, and oil. A dish worth tasting is deep-fried pickled shishito peppers. The warm and friendly environment of the bar will make you feel cozy and comfy.


The tagline of Mingles is, “Mingling contrasting elements into harmony”. Originally, Mingles offered traditional Korean cuisines, and gradually the recipes evolved to include new styles and flavorings of cooking.

Today, Mingles is ‘mingling’ Korean and European inspirations of taste to come up with a unique blend of Asian cuisine. Lunch and dinner meals consist of a single-course each, served with traditional Korean fermented vinegars and soy sauces. Mingles is known as a rising star among the best Korean restaurants.

Olh Eum

The owner of Olh Eum, Chef Seo Ho-young, gets his fresh ingredients from his farmer parents. One of the famous dishes prepared by him is the scrumptious shrimp and sea urchin capellini, served with fermented fish sauce and freshwater shrimp heads.

Chef Seo Ho-young is a source of inspiration for many Korean and non-Korean foodies. If you order coursework or read online articles related to Korean cuisines and recipes, you’ll find his name mentioned in multiple places. Following his beliefs, this restaurant represents a modern interior, diligent service, and meticulous preparation of delectable meals.

Twenty-Four seasons

Twenty-Four Seasons offers seasonal Korean food dishes, i.e. the menu is changed every month or quarter to match with the customers’ changing tastes and cater to the availability of seasonal ingredients.

It was opened as an inspiration of the 24 solar terms used in traditional East-Asian calendars, which were firmly believed upon by agricultural people in the olden days. The restaurant offers groundbreaking recipes derived from Korea’s old-style cooking.

Operated by Chef Tony Yoo, the place offers a slight blend of modern flavors as well. A common food dish is the spicy stir-fried pork. It is also popular for its beef kebabs. Korean beef is called ‘hanwoo’ and is a breed of small, native Korean cattle. If someone wants to have a taste of casual traditional food, this is the place to visit!

Seoul Dining

This is an upscale Korean restaurant, with a unique and modern understanding of contemporary Korean food. Its bold flavorings, whimsical culinary and stylish interiors push it up among the best restaurants of Korea.

Along with barbecue, the restaurant offers chicken stews, classic noodles, steamed vegetables and a variety of rice flavorings. The Chef at Seoul Dining is quite innovative in his cooking styles, often giving pleasant surprises to customers in their meals. The ambiance of the place is peaceful and gracious.


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