The North Korean ship "the Wise Honest" was seized by the United States and towed into American Samoa. Courtesy of U.S. Department of Justice

The ship ‘The Wise Honest’ was taken for violating US sanction

North Korea wanted their stolen ship, “The Wise Honest,” to be released. Reporting this fact to the United Nations, they called this violation a “flagrant act of robbery.”

The seizure of the ship by the U.S. being announced last week, the main focus is to bring ‘maximum pressure’ to North Korea and restrict them from illegally importing machines and exporting coal.

During the so-called peaceful meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jung-un in Singapore, it all seemed well in terms of nuclear negotiations. Donald Trump even called the dictator a “friend” during that period.

Not being able to find a mutual agreement, all these time-consuming negotiations between the two leaders simply shattered. They are now back from the very beginning, getting ready to pull their trigger if they are a continual threat to their land.

North Korea wants the U.N. to take action against the “gangster” U.S. claiming that the U.S. is violating international law.

The fault clearly points to North Korea, seeing its two short-range missiles being launched in a couple of days and conversing with Russia.

The decision to put more pressure on North Korea happened after being noticed about the nuclear test. The stealing of the ship “enforce the sanctions, particularly by cracking down on illegal ship-to-ship transfers of fuel and coal.”

However, this so-called “gangster act” by North Korea is a way for its country to survive. Being one of the poorest countries in the world, its main source of income comes from only a few such as coal.

When the law restricts the essential resource for North Koreans, the only way to protect itself is to threaten the United States and demand the world to ease its economic sanctions.

Regardless of the economic situation and the essence of nuclear weapons for North Korea’s survival, the U.S. simply wants a quick act from them to shut down the nuclear program completely.

The U.S. must see through North Korea’s survival instincts and give new proposals that would satisfy its people.

Kim Jung-un is giving “Mr. Trump until the end of the year to offer a new proposal for ending the nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula.”

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