It is true that there is no golden rule or any specific formula when you want to use Instagram for making your fashion products more visible to the audience far and beyond, literally.

The two specific features of this platform will help you to meet these two objectives successfully. These are:

·        This being an essentially visual platform wherein you can use some of the best pictures taken for your products, your users will be able to see how creative you are in your work and also get the message you want to convey to them, loud and clear.

·        Moreover, this being the most popular platform used by nearly a billion users all over the world, you will surely reach out to people far and wide.

The most significant aspect of using the Instagram platform is that you do make an appeal to the users to buy your product but there is no hint of pushing them for a sale as there is no wide and lengthy text to explain about the specific piece. 

This is because you cannot write much in this platform and therefore the users will not feel to be forced to make a buying decision.

However, if they want to know more about your product they will be encouraged to click at the link that will take them directly to the specific page full of all relevant info just as you desired.

If that is written and presented strategically, the visitor will surely end up making a buying decision eventually.

This means that:

·        You will have an increased number of Instagram followers reaching out to your official website thereby increasing the number of organic traffic to it and

·        You will also have an increased possibility of converting these visitors into your potential and prospective clients and customers.

In short, Instagram will affect your sale in a positive fashion and help you to increase your business revenue as well. This is the primary reason why more and more fashion brands today rely on Instagram to promote their fashion brand and are successful at it as well.

The strategies to follow

Coming back to the fact that Instagram strategy has no golden rule, you must know that in spite of these differences there is something in common for all fashion brands that use this platform to its fullest potential.

This is the differentiation of offers made to the users that can be their potential customers.

You will clearly see these if you visit different sites of different major fashion brands and look at their strategy. If you are very careful, you will notice the following common features and if you are wise, you will implement it in your marketing strategy as well.

These noticeable and common points and features in the strategies are:

·        None of them links their Instagram account directly with their official e-commerce site.

·        The Instagram content focuses more on how the best way the product as well as the fashion brand can be presented to the wide world of Instagram users.

·        The brands focus on the idea and the beauty of the product and convey it by the best picture and even a short video.

·        Most importantly, you will see that all these accounts include posts of different influencers along with the brand ambassadors or even celebrities.

These strategies no matter how similar it may look apparently are diverse. This is because:

·        One specific brand may use only one account to establish a connection with the audience while others may use and manage multiple accounts for the same purpose but to target different specific communities.

·        You may also notice that a few accounts will use specific content that will create more engagement and involvement while others may use short films or Christmas holiday scenes just to increase their sales.

What does this mean to you? Well, it means that when it comes to following Instagram strategy, the best way to go about is to first reach to the minds of the users and then focus on making them your potential customers.

The strategies to follow

Since there are differences in offers made and different approaches followed by different fashion brands, the ultimate goal is to make the users buy their products.

That means you will have to encourage them to make a buying decision and that does not mean you will nag them to buy from you. In fact, you will need to present your products in such an appealing manner that they are compelled to buy from you.

Therefore, whether you follow a single or multiple and diverse Instagram accounts you will need to follow some specific pattern for Instagram marketing just like the major brands.

·        Focusing on storytelling is one such strategy to follow as people love to listen to stories as a part of human nature. If you consider it from a business perspective then if you tell an interesting story it will actually and eventually help you to get connected to your audience emotionally.

·        Visual content is another thing you should focus on ensuring that it is relevant, clear and vivid. This is the best way to tell a story without having to speak a thousand words. Once again it will help you to build a relationship with your potential future customers as well as the brand ambassadors.

·        You must make a general approach to a customer rather than a productcentric approach. Instead of pushing your product, play with their feelings so that they are themselves encouraged to buy your products.

·        Focus more on increasing the visibility of your product when you use Instgaram but stay away from the hype IG. Though it will not hurt your brand but it will surely not be the key component for your business success.

This means, you will have to make the users go to your user profile and click on the links added in your profile bio. You will also need to focus on making the sales cycle shorter so that the potential customers do not have to search for items they like. It should be available within 3 to 4 clicks.


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