Making big money on real estate is a highly profitable business. Earnings on real estate are of two types: resale and rental of residential or non-residential premises.

But to grab the market share, small entrepreneurs have to compete with many new and recognized names. In this field, a real estate agent or realtor track the people to invest in real estate like in residential or commercial properties. The more properties they sell, the more money they will earn as an incentive.

With excellent selling skills, agents raise their professional level independently and provide competent advice to their clients. In the real estate business, it is relatively easy to make money due to the high expansion of properties in the market.

The cost of residential and commercial real estate and the level of demand for it is constantly changing. So, a realtor work with apartments, cottages, storage and manufacturing facilities, as well as with garages to earn more profits.

However, here are the following tips on how to make money as realtors.

  • Work In a Stock Market

To understand the market, it takes grit and determination. If you learned about the market well in advance with proper knowledge, you can quickly make a significant amount of money within the span of hours through a relatively small investment.

Whether you invest the money in the general market or you trade penny stocks, make sure that you set limits of loss to cut the potential for significant depreciation.

An advanced trader needs to understand that market makers often push a stock down to a certain price to enhance people fear and play right into their pockets. So, you have to clearly analyze the market forces and make significant gains.

  • List Homes For Sellers

Listing homes for sellers is another way to make money as a real estate agent. This occupation is quite different from other agents’ job.

A listing agent will list the properties for sale and work with residential or any other property sellers. The realtor first helps the seller to determine the right price of the property in the market and then gets it ready for sale.

The agents are able to negotiate with the buyers to extract the suitable price for both seller and buyer. But, the success of a listing agent will depend on his/her work ability.

  • Property Manager

Another easy way to earn money as a realtor is to work as a property manager. A property manager can manage the properties for homeowners and investors.

As a manager, you have a number of responsibilities like managing, maintaining, and repairing of properties, finding renters, collecting rent, and handle the accounting system in regards to keep in order everything.

Agents will get a percentage of the rents from owners collected on a monthly basis. The property manager can earn money as leasing fees. So, take more properties under your fold to earn more money.

  • Work As A Buyer’s Agent

Most agents referred to become a buyer’s agent in regards to making money. These agents work for buyers those who are looking to buy a house.

A buyer’s agent will explore the sites to the clients where the houses are available for sale and show them the numerous suitable options of properties. With the availability of offers, the agent will take care of every aspect, from buying process to completion of the transaction.

In this way, the agents can make good money but all his/her earnings will depend on the number of buyers purchase the house. Moreover, it is a time-consuming job to find out the property for sale and show them to the buyers. So, consider advice from an experienced coach and become a successful real estate agent.

  • Commercial Real Estate Agent

The residential property agent gets paid on the commission basis, whereas the agents of commercial real estate are paid a good monthly salary.

Due to the extensive knowledge of valuation of commercial properties, the commercial real estate agents earn a more profit-making amount as compared to residential property agents.

Therefore, start your real estate business successfully an earn more in commercial real estate. By building your identity among your potential customers, you can promote your business successfully.

  • Become A Broker

A broker has a charge of handling real estate agents in your office. He/she has a responsibility to ensure that everyone works legally and take care of any legal disputes.

By having a couple of agents in the office, the broker can start their own business and then grow up it accordingly to have more agents working under you.

The broker earns a percentage of the agents’ commissions as well as desk fees or advertisement money from the agents. Therefore, to become a broker, get your real estate agent’s license.

In this way, you can earn money regularly.


There are plenty of earning opportunities are available to a real estate agent. Using the vast experience of selling residential and commercial properties, explore these above-mentioned different fields.

But it is important for a realtor to earn the trust of a client, work honestly and transparently, provide complete and accurate information about real estate objects, otherwise even a small slip can cost a specialist his reputation and commission.

Showing activity, having loyal customers and successful sales experience, a competent real estate specialist will be able to provide himself with permanent work and high fees.

David Lane contributed this guest post. He is working as a Realtor for Thailand Property – Which provides real estate services such as buying property in Thailand, property in Thailand, etc to clients. Being a realtor, his exceptional knowledge of the market helped him a lot in selling numerous properties all over Thailand. He has a passion for writing and loves to share his real estate related knowledge with people.

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