KEA CEO Park Chung-won, left, holds an agreement with H2Korea CEO Kim Sung-bok after signing a memorandum of understanding for mutual collaboration in Korea on April 11. Photo courtesy of H2Korea

Two organizations will cooperate for hydrogen, digital businesses

South Korea’s H2Korea announced on April 11 that it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Korea Electronics Association (KEA).

Under the agreement, the two outfits plan to cooperate in such potential-loaded areas as the hydrogen industry and the digital business down the road.

H2Korea said that the partnership had been geared toward boosting the country’s global competitiveness through the alliance between the hydrogen and digital areas.

The Seoul-based organization expected that the information-telecommunication technology from the KEA would help improve the hydrogen value chain.

Specifically, the two entities are scheduled to collaborate to support related corporations on the global scene and strengthen the mutual communications channels.

In addition, they plan to share associated information in the global hydrogen and digital industries as well as join forces to create new export destinations for Korean firms.

“At a time when the hydrogen economy takes a firm root to deal with climate change, the partnership with the KEA will help underpin the eco-system for both hydrogen and digital industries,” H2Korea CEO Kim Sung-bok said.

“H2Korea will continue to beef up cooperation with the KEA.”

H2Korea & KEA

H2Korea is South Korea’s state-backed entity designed to support the hydrogen economy _ using hydrogen to decarbonize economic sectors that are hard to electrify.

Last year, almost 20 organizations from across the world formed a global organization called the Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance (GHIAA).

The alliance strives to found a new eco-system focusing on hydrogen. H2Korea Chairman Moon Jae-do was elected to head the GHIAA for the first two years.

Since its establishment in 1976, the KEA has represented the country’s electronics and info-tech industry with the aim of boosting related businesses.

On top of offering education and consulting services to its member companies, the state-backed outfit provides information necessary for corporate management, regulations, and energy.

Included in the list of the KEA members are the nation’s large conglomerates and small enterprises in the electronics industry and associated businesses.

In addition, the Seoul-based KEA hosts the annual Korea Electronics Show, which has underpinned the country’s electronics business over the past few decades.