The SPD takes the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU) to the theft of private data from Celebrities and politicians. It must be quickly and accurately informed, “the authority who knew what when and how it was responded to,” said SPD General Secretary, Lars Klingbeil, the Newspapers of the Funke media group . For Horst Seehofer, the priority should have. Klingbeil defendant a “mess with the security authorities”.

the Deputy Chairman of Bundestag Thomas Oppermann (SPD) called on Seehofer also to Act: The Federal office for IT security (BSI) should be the Central cyber defence centre in Germany. Seehofer would have to understand that this is one of the most important tasks of Internal security.

Also, Left party leader Dietmar Bartsch made pressure on Seehofer. “The process has to quickly be fully informed,” he said. Bartsch also called for a reorganization of the BSI. The authority must be decided “on the structure, tasks and information policy”.

Oppermann practiced sharp criticism at the Federal office. “It is outrageous that the stolen data are presented for days in the net and the competent authority does nothing to inform the Affected persons and to protect,” he told the “Bild am Sonntag”. “The BKA was not informed, there are clearly serious deficiencies in the coordination of security authorities.”

BSI-President Arne Schönbohm

The President of the Federal office for IT security (BSI) had previously established with his Expressions of irritation. Arne Schönbohm said on Friday evening the TV station Phoenix: “We have already spoken very early in December with the help of individual members who were affected, accordingly.” Against measures had been taken.

This statement was remarkable because the Chancellery and the Federal criminal police office had been informed in the night to Friday about the mass publication of Data.

On Saturday, the authority said, after growing criticism, again to your procedure: You had been informed at the beginning of December only by a single member of the German Bundestag about the questionable movements on the E-Mail and Social Media accounts. To “this point in time, all Parties of an individual case,” it said.

“No knowledge”

From a planned or actual publication of the stolen data, you have until the night to Friday “no knowledge”. The known are the publications of the BSI have “on 4. January 2019 this and four other cases, he has become in the course of the year 2018 it is known, in this connection”.

The office also notes that it is for the affected cases is only marginally responsible. “The BSI is responsible for the operational protection of government networks. For the hedging party or a private communication of mandate, the BSI can be produced only in an Advisory capacity and, on request, provide assistance.” According to current knowledge, private and personal Accounts are, however, mainly been attacked, but not to the government network.

Minister of justice Katarina Barley moves to the hacker attack, stricter safety requirements for the Software manufacturers and the operators of Internet platforms into consideration. “We will examine to what extent stricter legal requirements are useful and necessary,” said the SPD politician of the “world on Sunday”.

the Software manufacturer and platform operators need to ensure high standards of safety and regular Updates, calls for Barley. For maximum data security a “strong awareness when it comes to dealing with personal data is essential”.


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