The United States raise serious Espionage charges against China: The hacker group APT10 to be responsible for a number of attacks on companies in Europe, Asia and the USA. The group is said to have acted on behalf of the Ministry for state security (MSS). At almost the same time, the British government of China accused a worldwide campaign against economic targets in Europe, Asia and the USA.

The U.S. justice Department has filed charges against two alleged APT10-members. They are accused of, to be in the context of a large-scale campaign in the computer systems of 45 companies and authorities in at least twelve countries invaded, including in Germany.

In the United States, the attacks were, according to the Ministry of justice of companies in the fields of biotechnology, telecommunications, banking and Finance, medical technology, automotive, mobility, Oil and Gas, but also Nasa and the U.S. Navy.

While the hackers are believed to have come to “hundreds of gigabytes” of data. The attackers went, therefore, to get business secrets. According to the competent New York state’s attorney the amount of the stolen information was “shocking”.

the starting point were the service providers of the concerned company

The attacks were, according to a press release of the Ministry of the first IT companies that host for the companies concerned, for example, the E-Mails or storage space. The Hacker worked with Phishing attacks, and stole login data – so, you finally got over the systems of the service providers in the systems of the actual victims.

According to the Ministry, the FBI found hundreds of malicious software-examples of Connections of the Victims to the control infrastructure of APT10.

insiders, and according to media reports, the United States and about a dozen other States, including Germany, China condemn in the coming hours and days because of alleged hacking activities. The government in Beijing has rejected such accusations in the past.


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