A 16-Year-old plunged into a Haitian port of a cruise ship and died. The report, among other things, the ABC and the newspaper “Sun Sentinel”. The shipping company Royal Caribbean said it was a “tragic accident”.

The young people came, according to the Reports from Wallis and Futuna, a French overseas territory in the southern Pacific. He had taken with his family, a seven-day cruise through the Caribbean.

The accident on the cruise ship “Harmony of the Seas” had happened to the information that is already in the past week. The 16-Year-old tried to enter from the outside via a balcony on the eighth floor in his room, because he had forgotten his key card.

he had slipped and in the port of Labadee on a Pier like that. There have not been Attempts, the 16-Year-old to revive, he said, but he died shortly afterwards in a hospital.


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