officers had to use pepper spray and batons to protect themselves and to end the use of successful, police said. 42 (!) Patrol cars were in use, five people were taken into custody.

According to police, the situation escalated in the early hours of Sunday, as a squad car wanted a man in check, the smear of civilian investigators to the Dam of an ATM was observed.

The 22-Year-old behaved aggressively, also showed solidarity 40 to 50 Present with the man. The people have pushed the officials, beaten and filmed, as well as the transportation of the Suspect to the patrol car to prevent. Bottles had been thrown.

The police pushed back the group by force and called for reinforcements. In the case of the use in the district of St. Pauli, five people aged from 19 to 42 years, were arrested. Three officers suffered minor injuries. About the wounded on the side of the attacker, the police had no knowledge.

Because of the scene investigation for trespassing and assault on law enforcement officers to run. The 22-Year-old has also been accused of damage to property faced.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Meuthen celebrates the “Want to” AfD result in Bavaria, as the political scientist countered, a laugh from the audience

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