The new CDU leader says Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the members have decided at the party Congress. Of course, your choice and outshone by Paul Ziemiak to the Secretary-General, as well as saying goodbye to Angela Merkel as party boss of everything in Hamburg.

Nevertheless, the good 1000 delegates worked at the 31. Federal party of a request for a book with a lot of other areas. an Overview Of selected decisions :

migration Pact : The CDU agreed to a controversial discussion for the controversial UN Pact, the control of Migration and the exploitation of migrant workers is to fight. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is traveling with a positive vote of their party to Morocco, where the non-legally binding international agreement to be adopted at this Assembly.

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German armed forces : The CDU wants to strengthen the German army in terms of personnel and financially. The requirements are not high as long, therefore, the Bundeswehr must also have a higher operational readiness. The defence budget should rise according to the will of the CDU until 2024 to 1.5 percent of gross domestic product. Priority for investment is to have the personal equipment of the soldiers and the digitization. In addition, part of the decision: women and men in Uniform to travel free by Bus and train.

wind turbines : The CDU wants to abolish the privilege for wind power plants in construction law. So far, it is automatically permitted to build, if public concerns. This special arrangement has enabled in the last years a strong Expansion of wind energy. In many of the communities he has met with Protest. According to the will of the CDU, the municipalities should have more say in the matter.

Congress Whom the CDU has elected to top offices

the solidarity surcharge and pension plans : The CDU wants to abolish the solos until the end of 2021 completely and not just 90 percent of those Affected, as agreed by the coalition. In addition, the social charges levied on private and occupational pension schemes are to be regulated. For private pension provision should not be sick in the payout phase, double – and nursing care insurance contributions must also be made.

Diesel retrofits : The CDU wants the auto industry, retrofitting Hardware for the exhaust gas scandal affected diesel vehicles required – with the caveat: “insofar as this is technically feasible”. The loss of value of the affected buyers shall not only be in cities with high nitrogen oxide load balanced, in order to claim car makers and taxpayers excessively.

environment : The CDU wants to examine whether the German environmental aid (DUH) should continue to be used as a non-profit organization recognized. These had spread before the courts in several cities, and driving bans for older diesel vehicles, and a crucial role in the detection of the exhaust gas fraud of various auto companies played.


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