On the shoulders of giants: Currently Lewis Hamilton dominated the formula 1 – but he also knows that he is in this role, the first. For him, Michael Schumacher will remain “always the size of all the times”. The five-time champion of the “Bild am Sonntag” in an Interview before the age of 50. Birthday of the formula 1-record world champion next Thursday.

Already in his Childhood, Schumacher had had a Great influence on the today 33-Year-old, he revealed. “Personally, I remind myself that I’ve taken in my racing game on the console always have him as a driver when I was young,” said Hamilton, and recalls a defining Moment: “with regard to formula 1, it is the day he has won in Suzuka in 2000, his first world title with Ferrari. The is racing-history.”

Hamilton could pull in the next two seasons with the records of the German formula 1 legend. The best brand for the most Pole Positions has he trumped already. In 18 other Victories, he could pull with the 91 race won by Schumacher. Gelängen would give him two further world title, he also to the world, on a par be in the Championships.

“I just feel that I need to try to break his records,” said Hamilton, Schumacher, whose career end after the 2012 season as a driver in a Mercedes had to be replaced. The team his predecessor had been, together with the former team boss Ross Brawn and former head of Mercedes Motorsport Norbert Haug, responsible for ensuring that “the Foundation was laid for the success that we today may enjoy”.

Schumacher had resigned in 2006 as an active driver at Ferrari. In 2010, he returned for two years in the formula 1 and drove alongside Nico Rosberg at Mercedes. Starting in 2014, Mercedes won in every year of the championship standings, Rosberg and Hamilton picked up five world titles in a row. Schumacher was since his serious skiing accident on 29. To see more December 2013 open to the public.

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