If the Drama of the German handball players have against Russia is a face, it would probably be the Paul Drux. With deep red scratch marks on the neck of the 23-Year-old with the final siren from the field, the shoulders drooping, the gaze directed downwards dragged.

With a failed pass in the final stage, the player had served the Russians for their equaliser at 21:21 perfect. Shortly thereafter, the enemy celebrated the late achieved a draw as a victory. “This stupid mistake of breaking our necks,” said Drux after the game: “I’ll take my cap.”

The Neck of the German team is not broken after the third world Cup match, and Drux bears in the late draw, the only ones at fault. However, he and his Team suffered the first strong shock in the world Cup in their own country and Denmark. The 22:22 (12:10) against Russia, a party is terrible, and sets the DHB-selection before the first round duel against France powerful under pressure – a defeat against the previously loss point free defender of the title in the evening (20.30 clock, live Ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE), and the tournament could be run for the host in a few days.

“Some balls stupid

national coach Christian Prokop threw the” avoided to discuss these scenarios. Especially since it is still unclear who will have reached the German group of the main round, and which points are to take. “We have built something that I don’t want to talk broken after a draw. It was not a defeat,” he said, and his players were fighters. Fabian Böhm said, a setback could be no question. Also Drux tried to stay confident and announced a better performance against France.

Actually, the dramatic twist in the end was previously a long time is not foreseeable. The German team led after 38 minutes, with four gates, and controlled – to the casual Wins against Korea and Brazil, his first strong opponent in this world Cup. Especially Uwe Gensheimer seemed to work this evening, almost everything, he converted eight out of ten throws, including a remarkable chip shots and screwdriver. The audience in the Arena at Berlin Ostbahnhof with drew, the already good world Cup atmosphere reached a new climax.

But for nearly 30 minutes and many of the technical errors later, it was over for now with the Handball.

“of Course we are disappointed,” said Prokop. 22 against scoring against Russia to be too much, complained about it and took the last strong Defensive responsibility. The Offensive is not criticized Prokop on the other hand, though, except Gensheimer no other attacker on a good completion rate. “We threw some balls stupid. We must make up our mind,” said goalkeeper Andreas Wolff and I came to a different evaluation than his coach.

Fixed: Against France, need to improve defensive and Offensive. While the Germans struggled with their draw, threw himself on the upcoming DHB opponents in an evening game against Korea warm – up against the Asians in France’s top stars came to an impressive completion rate of 76 percent, in the victory against Serbia, it was 71 percent. For comparison: Germany has brought only 61 percent of his throws in the Russian goal, a worrying value, especially when you consider that France has with Vincent Gerard one of the best Keeper in the world.

In continuous operation: Uwe Gensheimer

Where the national coach also recognises – him little time remains. An idea would be the defense giant Finn Lemke (2,10 m) to the side of Hendrik Pekeler (2.04 metres) as the inner block against the throw, huge rear space of the French in this Position, the defender of the title, with super talent Dika Mem is particularly strong. For this Plan speak: Lemke came against Russia and might have been spared. The importance of the Regeneration is in the case of the closely-timed Handball world championship, got the Brazilians to feel: Only you documents in France, just 22:24, a day later, they were powerless against the DHB-selection (21:34).

For the Germans, France is the first world Cup game without a break. Drux’ wound on the neck will not be healed by then, even the Trouble about the late draw is still stuck in the heads. It is important, however, as Gensheimer has to take the feat until then, 59:44 minutes he had to play against the Russians – no other longer.

The German Team can only hope that the probably currently the best left winger in the world, continues its strong run to continue – with 25 goals (on 31 shots), he is currently the best scorer of the world Cup. Without a Gensheimer in-form Germany, against France, probably no Chance – and the sporting aim of the semi-final would be gone very far.

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