The German national Handball team has won the penultimate Test before the world Championships at home. The team of coach Christian Prokop struck in Hanover, the Czech Republic, 32:24 (17:13). This captain Uwe Gensheimer with ten goals of the best throwers in the game towered above all.

Before the world Cup, the on 10. January with a game against the unified Korea in Berlin, has Procopius to do but still a lot. Against not for the world Cup-qualified Czechs, the team revealed weaknesses in the defense. The Czech player came regularly to direct duels with the German goalkeeper Silvio Heinevetter and Andreas Wolff. Especially Heinevetter made the guests but regularly despair.

Silvio Heinevetter

Prokop was pleased with the Test. “We are very positive, the game has also brought important insights. We have fought from periods of Weakness, this was very important,” he said in the ARD.

world Cup preparation is drawing to a close

On Sunday, the national takes the team to the General sample in Kiel against Argentina. After the game, Prokop will have to make his squad of 18 to 16-player cut, he can bring during the world Cup.

the world Cup opener opponent Korea completed during the test game, the German team’s public training session. The team stressed that it was at the world Cup on a peace mission. “With the fall of the Berlin wall is gone the way of the peace. Therefore, we would like to show as a joint Team, that we can go as a Korean this way,” said head coach Cho Young-Shin.


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