The player of the game was a lot of time. As Steffen Fäth after the 24:19 (14:10), the German handball players against Iceland showed up after the first game of the world Cup-main round in the Mixed Zone, had many of his teammates delivered a long time ago, your Statement about the game.

Often they had praised faeth, and the national coach Christian Prokop said: “For Steffen, it ran fantastic today. Since a goal was more beautiful than the other.” And Faeth? The hustle and bustle around his Person seemed to be almost uncomfortable, about his performance, he did not like to speak right. He had to even the language.

Six of the goals had been achieved faeth at eight throws, it was his best game in this tournament. Many times he had been in the back room, it had made two, three quick steps and then thrown in a forceful and precise. Once the Ball is not hit after a throw of 113 kilometres per hour, directly in the angle, Iceland’s goalkeeper Bjorgvin Pall Gustavsson responded. The front of 19,000 spectators in Cologne were astonished and the voice of the stadium speaker overturned, so excited he was. Faeth, however, clenched, even on the fist, and then an Icelandic turn in the path.

The German national Handball team has posted this evening, some lovely stories. All of Steffen Fäth who plays just in time for the main round as well as the last-rarely seen. “Faith in faeth”, the confidence in faeth, it was perhaps never greater than after the first main round game.

With 5:1 points-Germany table leader of group I is, before the point, the same French. The chances of making the semi-finals are good because the Defensive stand used to for sure, but this time, the Offensive impressed.

Drux’ screwdriver – a magic Moment

Patrick Groetzki played some diagonal passes, against the Islands Defensive powerless. Fabian Re-distributed and sent the balls, put on the pace, and sometimes he dragged it also. And then Paul Drux, the man who provided the most spectacular scene in this game. When the score was 16:14, he moved to Olafur Gustafsson over the direction of the gate, jumped and put the Ball just before landing with a screwdriver to Gustavsson over into the goal. It was one of four Drux-gates, and for sure it will be one that you will remember for a long time.

Anyway Germany played its attacks are concentrated to the end as in the Games before. In the first half of 19 throws for 14 hit, ranged, has a superior rate. Since it was hardly that captain Uwe Gensheimer, otherwise almost all of the attacks, had by this time, less actions.

And then there was the Defensive, and the jewel remains on the team. Germany began with a 6:0 Formation, have caught up but “again and again, annoying doors,” said Henrik Pekeler. “After a quarter of an hour, we have changed to 3-2-1, then a lot of the Icelanders thought of.” Pekeler and Patrick Wiencek blocking the throw to throw, and if an Icelander found a gap between the Abwehrhünen, stand there Andreas Wolff. He parried twelve litters, his rate was 40 percent held balls.

Once crossed the Iceland Stefan Rafn Sigurmannsson made across the German Defensive and played right outside Sigvaldi Gudjonsson, the stood up suddenly free in front of Wolff, two steps in the middle, and threw. The Ball was placed, Wolff was actually already on the way in the corner. Then Wolff’s shot up the left Hand into the air, and somehow, he drew the Ball around the post. Wiencek and Pekeler looked on almost reverently, and then they tore the arms in the air, the deutsche Bank raged. And the viewers did anyway, hardly anything else.

“I had consistently

goose bumps” “The audience has carried us through the game, I will tell my children,” said Drux after the first appearance in the Arena in Cologne. And Pekeler said, the home advantage could play a very important role: “The atmosphere is amazing, I had continuous goose bumps.”

for Two days the German team now has a break. On Monday (20.30 clock, live Ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE), she plays against Croatia’s selection to Superstar Domagoj Duvnjak.

“Croatia comes via the emotions, they play very aggressive and they have some players that are world-class,” said Prokop – and one can well imagine that Croatia’s coach Lino Cervar is saying similar sentences about Germany’s handball player.

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