three years Ago the European championship, they were known as the Bad Boys, now the German handball team for the world Cup have been given a new label. They are “a great Team”. After the 31:23 victory over Serbia, with the DHB-selection into the group stage of the world Cup and the venue of Berlin behind, it was heard everywhere and by all Parties, whether player or coach. They are “a great Team”.

back-room player Paul Drux stressed that repeatedly in the subsequent press conference, his coach Christian Prokop took the Ball. “Everyone in the squad has his role in this team,” says Procopius, that said a draw against Russia, in which the secure victory, yet playful, I know, “us closer together”, Drux. At the latest after completion of this group phase, which is pounds this team will grow: team spirit and the home advantage.

Both carried the Team so far through the tournament, against the Serbs in the sporty actually insignificant completion of the game, all those were allowed to refuel in longer time, the are so far in the tournament: defense chief Finn Lemke on the Outer Matthias Musche and Franz Semper to circle runners Yannick Kohlbacher. The second half belonged almost entirely, it is noted, however, since the difference to the first guard.

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If the far superior giant in defence, Patrick Wiencek and Hendrik Pekeler pause, in the German cover more holes. The regulatory Hand of playmaker Martin Strobel falls all the more, if it is missing. And Silvio Heinevetter delivered a good to very good match in the German goal, but the intimidating presence of Andreas Wolff, he has not.

However, there was subsequently only praise from national coach for the players to hear from the second row, the new harmony to be disturbed in any case. Not-so-important Games like the upcoming main round matches against Iceland, Spain and Croatia. “There are no easy games anymore,” says Procopius, which began immediately after the end of the game, analyzing the upcoming opponent. The respect, especially against the current European champion, Spain, was for him to listen to.

Help against the crafty Spaniard, against the hot-blooded Croats, against the fast Icelanders, especially the audience. The German Delegation has omitted this week, no opportunity to rave about the atmosphere in the Berlin Arena, and in fact, the DHB can’t complain to the Team about lack of support.

Put your Hands in the Air

On Thursday against Serbia already Ballermann-mood was in part, however, the hall, the speaker would certainly have also on the Hamburg fish market and excellent career prospects as the barkers. The longer the tournament lasts, the more the hall Director increases when the Germans Play in a “Put-your-hands-in-the-Air”-DJ Ötzi-euphoria.

If a seven-meter-Serbia DHB-goalkeeper Heinevetter loudly from the hall, speakers praised and the fires against the side of Germany penalty-throw specialist Uwe gensheimer in front of the litter with “Uwe, Uwe”, in the border area of Fairness. “I’ve got the advantage that I am in such a mood usual,” said Serbian coach Nenad Perunicic, then a shrug. He did not mean that, however, the hall atmosphere in his home, which is also not cool. He referred to his time as a player in Kiel and Magdeburg. “Basketball in Germany is very special.”


The Call to the La-Ola-wave, and the “Help our boys, you all have to stand up” when the per capita income-Six times in play under the number, in all honor – a international high-caliber tournament like the world Cup, could maybe tolerate a neutral international hall spokesman. The German audience would also set then enough for the Team and the gossip cardboard hands sore, not beat, you need the emotional accelerator.

Now it goes to Cologne, where 6000 spectators even more in the hall than in Berlin – “the notice”, suspected of Drux. The games of the home-world Cup 2007 in Köln finally have almost legendary Status. The opponent will need to prepare. The clap banners are ready.

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