Denmark’s handball team had extended their lead just seven goals. Norway’s Superstar Sander Sagosen rubbed his hair, shook his head, he was beaten, had; he, the Germany had thrown in the semi-final with brilliant actions from the tournament.

three seconds, two, a – sounded the siren. In the stands 15,000 spectators cracks high in the Danish city of Herning their arms, loud Techno drowned out their cheers, on the playing field, the clenched hands of the Danes. Victory fists.

all of This occurred only at the half-time whistle of the final match of the Handball world Cup in Denmark and Germany. The Finale was not over yet. The first 30 minutes were, however, plays a Demonstration of how fast, beautiful and powerful Denmark Handball; why the Team without point loss, and with nine Wins in the final, fed was. You no longer would have needed the second half, probably, Norway didn’t stand a chance, but you wanted to keep track of this power demonstration.

At the end of the projection of the Danes was nine goals, 31:22, the final score was. He could have been even higher, but the 55. Minute Danish Superstar Mikkel Hansen opened the Party for good. Strong hugs for each and every team mate, every replacement was now accompanied with loud applause, it was a thank you to the Fans of their heroes. They had managed is also unique: Denmark is for the first time in its football history champion of the world.

winning The title seemed only a matter of time: The Danes were on two final appearances in the last four tournaments, come 2011, the selection failed miserable against France in extra time. 2016 was the Olympic victory in Rio, and this time also could put in a world Cup no opponent your force full game counter. “Today we have lost against the best Team in the world, I think,” said Norwegian coach Christian Berge, and he added quickly: “I don’t believe it. I know that Denmark is the best Team.”

Mikkel Hansen top

ice hockey is in Denmark, are held here every year with the largest international youth tournaments, the country has a treasure chamber full of talents – and the audience: The semi-finals of the Danes against France reached a TV market share of 80 percent. In front of the Arena final tickets were offered for 2,000 euros; in the hall wore each felt Shirt, a red Jersey or T -. “I can’t describe it. I’m on the verge of Crying in a and mega proud to be in the moment. Now I just need a large beer,” said the overwhelmed coach Nikolaj Jacobsen.

“Now I just need a beer”

one Of the many Danish talent Mikkel was once Hansen. Today, the powerful backcourt star is 31-years-old, playing in the club when Paris Saint-Germain and is the highest paid handball player in the world. At every big tournament, Hansen is one of the best scorers. His actions run often so: The Dane takes the pace out of the game, followed by the two explosive steps and a powerful arm Stroke. Like a catapult Hansen throws the balls into the net, to back to right then back to the white headband.

Sometimes he acts cold and distant, probably Hansen is concentrated but just. Perhaps the Danish Fans engaged even so, your Superstar was one of the first in the fan area and like a small child waving a Danish flag. For a Moment he seemed very approachable, and you looked at him, the pure friends.

Hansen was already twice world handball player and once Olympic champion, but winning the world Cup or the Champions League he had been missing so far. The victory in the Premier class, he is now back with PSG and on the side of Uwe gensheimer. The volleyball season runs.

No One-Man-Show

But this Denmark is not only Hansen. It is a star of the ensemble is: Niklas Landin came in the Finale in an outstanding twelve parades, 39 percent of the throws of the final man blocked by THW Kiel. Or Rasmus Lauge from the German Champions SG Flensburg-Handewitt, he scored in the final four matches. Mads Mensah towered over as well, he plays in the club at the Rhein-Neckar Löwen, where also the Danish coach Nikolaj Jacobsen is under contract. If you had to list the whole squad to celebrate the Team accordingly.

Also, the audience is likely to have been a decisive factor: It is not only the Team, but whistle from supported the Norwegians at every ball contact, the you can find it unsportsmanlike. Is Particularly hard hit Sagosen Superstar, and the game designers had three goals on nine shots and only two assists, visibly unsettled. Against Germany, the 23-Year-old on six hits in seven litters and sensational ten Assists.

if You would like to know how the German team would come the vociferous audience. It’s her first away had become a game at the home world Championships.

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