Croatia has won the duel of the coming German counterparts, against Spain and attracts without a point in group I of the main round of the Handball world championship. The EM-Fifth defeated the Kiel star player Domagoj Duvnjak to the European Champions in Munich in their final group game 23:19 (13:10).

With 4:0 points, Croatia has an optimal starting position in the battle for the semi-finals. The Spaniards go with 2:2 points in the main round, France, and the German team with 3:1 points. More to the mode, you can read here.

Iceland made a jump in the main round and is there on Saturday (20.30) in Cologne, the first German opponent. The team of the former Coach of the Rhein-Neckar Löwen, Gudmundur Gudmundsson, secured with a 24:22 (11:13) against Macedonia as the third behind Croatia and Spain in the main round. Island with 0:4 points into the next round, for the Team, it will only go to a good placement.

Nikola Karabatic

France, won the tournament debut of the superstar Nikola Karabatic by a 23:22 (12:12) in Berlin against Russia the insignificant place at the conclusion of the preliminary round in the German group. After recovering from his foot injury Karabatic scored three times but no hits.

Before the Start of the main round, group I in the Overview
1. Croatia 4:0 points scored: +8
2. Germany 3:1 in points, goals: +13
3. France, 3:1 points scored: +2
4. Spain, 2:2 points goals: +3
5. Island, 0:4, doors: -11
6. Brazil 0:4, doors: -15

Denmark won against Vice-champion of Norway in Herning with 30:26 (17:14). Outstanding players of the host’s top Star Mikkel Hansen with 14 goals. In addition to Denmark and Sweden after a 33:30 (16:15) against Hungary with the optimal starting position in the group II of the main round. Norway has 2:2 points.

Before the Start of the main round, group II in the Overview
1. Denmark with 4:0 points scored: +18
2. Sweden, 4:0 points, doors: +6
3. Norway, 2:2 points goals: +6
4. Hungary, 1:3 points to score: -3
5. Egypt, 1:3 points to score: -3
6. Tunisia, 0:4, doors: -24

Who plays when in the main round? Here is the complete game plan.

The fifth defeat in the fifth game, had to contend with Ex-national coach Dagur Sigurdsson with Japan at 22:23 (9:10) against Bahrain. Sigurdsson had led to the selection of the German handball Association in 2016, sensational for the European title and Olympic Bronze. The Japanese selection is intended to prepare the Icelanders for the 2020 summer Olympics – at the world Cup final for him already.


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