Sometimes it looks as if Melvyn could float Richardson on the floor of the hall. If he takes off at full speed, seem to seconds to pass before Richardson hurls the Ball into the goal. As he would have lookouts up there in the air, the opponent goalkeeper.

His average of goals in the Handball world championship is according to stick to say. The 21-Year-old threw 14 times on goal, 13 Attempts landed in the net, France’s major Victories in the main round against Iceland (five goals) and Spain (four), reached Richardson, a hit rate of 100 percent.

In the air: Melvyn Richardson

Richardson met Recently with the team. National coach Didier Dinart called him after the fourth championship game in the squad, the right-hand rear room has been awarded in the past year, with Montpellier winner of the Champions League and 2016 as the best young player in the U20 European championship.

The competition is huge in the case of the French, who meet on a Wednesday evening at 18 o’clock on Croatia, especially in the case of the talents. Dika Mem, for example. The litter is a huge back room of FC Barcelona, 21, athletic and strong, a promise for the future – high 23 goals he has scored already in this tournament, only Kentin Mahé, 27, and more (29 goals).

is The most talented Team

Nedim Remili, 23, is a technically strong player with powerful attacks from the back room, with a good eye for the fellow player. Or Ludovic Fabregas, 22, is a condition of wonder in the seven Games he was already about five hours on the plate, no one else had to hold by.

Together, they form the most talented Team in the world Cup. Their biographies are quite different, which suggests your Background: Mem is the son of a Kameruners, the father of Remili has roots in Algeria, Fabregas grew up on the border to Spain, Mahé comes from the French capital, and Richardson’s father, the former world class Handballer Jackson Richardson, comes from Réunion. The list could go on.

Dika Mem

It seems as if the basketball in France, arrived in the heart of society, at least the current national team represents a unique variety in comparison to other European basketball national teams. The German selection with Patrick Wiencek, whose parents are from Poland, a single player with a migration background in the current world Cup squad. The DHB would like to change that, especially to its membership base.

The school is the base

After the successful home world Cup in 2007, the number of members rose to 847.406. In the meantime, the Association is again in 756.907 members. Also that is why Germany wanted to align the world Cup, the DHB-selection is under pressure to succeed – a successful tournament will lead more young people to play Handball. DHB CEO Mark Schober said the least the sports-information service for young people with a migration background “is a great potential, we need to use urgently”.

Nikola Karabatic

And so we’re back to the French. Philippe Bana, France Technical football Director, there are two explanations for the diversity of the selection. One of the reasons Superstar Nikola Karabatic and his Era in the French national team. The Star of the backcourt was a role model for every young handball players, and the now 34-Year-old could have set the ultimate Signal that it can to bring immigrant children into the French national team. Karabatic was born in the former Yugoslavia. “Perhaps, many have followed his way,” says Bana.

also Crucial is the role of the schools, but, she seems to be the Treasury of the French Junior hand ball. “With over 200,000 active players Handball is the most popular school sports,” says Bana. Since the sixties the school sports have talented can bring players, in villages and in cities, and from all walks of life. In Germany was last taught less and less Handball.

25 million euros from the government

The culmination of the development in France in the nineties, as more children basketball played. There, the Association in cooperation with the government intends to return to The fundamental interest of the youth and the successes of the national team (two Olympic medals, three European championship wins and four world Cup triumphs since 2000) have contributed to the Association last state aid of 25 million Euro, says Bana. The Sport is organised in France, a lot of centralist than elsewhere.

Germany’s Patrick Wiencek (l.)

there are 60 young coach, to be paid for by the government, the professional clubs now have 20 centres of excellence and there is a further 40 points of support, the Association for talent development uses. Alone, the centres of excellence of professional clubs, with giants Paris Saint-highlight-Germain at the top of that basketball shows in the French cities and Banlieues presence, where the society is even more diverse.

the development of the currently most exciting players in the French suits: Richardson the jump to the big sports stage managed from the countryside of Marseille, Mem comes from a Parisian suburb.

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