about a year Ago, Germany was a hockey Nation. At the winter games in Pyeongchang in February, the German Team played in the Olympic final, complete strangers in Germany, met early in the morning in bars for Public Viewing, cast with names such as Dominik Kahoun, Danny from the birch and Patrick Reimer, as if they were old Acquaintances. The captain Christian Ehrhoff was in the media everywhere, the hockey player is so approachable, personable, honest workers. The counterpoint to football.

The Christian Ehrhoff 2019 is Uwe Gensheimer, the hockey players are now handball players, otherwise, everything is repeated. The same attributes, the same hope that such a success will trigger a Boom in the sport, the same silly comparisons with football.

And again the question arises: How is the basketball can benefit from the public sympathy, how sustainable is such a tournament? What remains of the world Cup? You must now Rob, no great illusion, when they say: not much. It would be no exaggeration to say that in Germany, a year after the euphoric performance of the DEB-selection in Pyeonchang now 80 million people with hockey sticks in Hand running through the area.

Handbal l-WM was conveniently located

A tournament a tournament is a tournament. A time to two or three weeks limited event, in this case, even extremely conveniently located to the beginning of the year when football returns is only slowly from the Winter. The football transfer window, the winter break is not even closed, there is no Champions League, no DFB Cup. The handball players had to compete on television for a maximum of Biathlon and the lining.

This has always given the sport of attention, with the sporting success, the players have taken advantage of this. It also needs to be mandatory, then the German audience can also like inspire, not by hand only shooting, but also of beach volleyball players as well as ten fighters. Or Hockey Players. ARD and ZDF, at least, no longer ignore the hand ball tournaments in the future so basely, as they had done in the past. This ratio can do.

The presence in the television – that is what does the hand shoot the best. This would mean, however, that the League, the Final Four, the Champions League would have on the big TV stage to take place. The exuberant Boom, you should not expect, finally, the young people in droves to come to the Biathlon, just because it runs continuously on the television. But the sports would remain in the public memory, when Uwe Gensheimer, Fabian Wiede and Andreas Wolff arose in other months than January.

sports a lasting effect on the public Radar, this is very, very difficult. The athletes struggle for many years with this issue, the swimmer, the gymnast. For two, three weeks out of the year of the pig launchers are on you, then falls to the Germans, suddenly, what a nice potential in performance sports is the television community gets a good Conscience, if you are the hardworking autograph writing hand shooting cheer. After that, the next big story about Franck Ribéry but then again.

The “Münchner Merkur” wrote a little spiteful, of the world Cup, only the scream remained probably end sweater by DHB Vice President Bob Hanning in memory. This is the place to start.

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