Germany has secured the victory in the main round group I and, in the semi-finals to Norway. Against Spain, the DHB-selection 31:30 (17:16) won. Against the reigning European champion, national coach Christian Prokop by changing his team and the players from the supposedly second row took advantage of their Chance. The best German pitcher Fabian Böhm with five goals.

Germany was already qualified before the game against Spain for the semi-finals. By the defeat of France against Croatia (20:23) would have been able to lose the DHB-Team even with seven gates and it would still have been group winners. Accordingly, a lot of rotated Prokop in the game.

In a scoring first half, the Spaniard scored the first goal. After that, the German team was the first in the series. It took almost 20 minutes before Spain could go the second Time in a guide (10:11). In addition to the beefy pivot Julen Aguinagalde, the Spanish left was particularly foreign Ángel Fernández, the German defence problems.

In the German Team was particularly impressed by the serious knee injuries, Martin Strobel nachnominierte Tim Suton. With brave, Venturing to the County he scored four hits. In addition to Suton also Böhm was able to convince.

In the second half, Germany managed to do it quickly, at 21:18 (38.). The formative roles took again the player, which came against Croatia in very little time. So goalkeeper Silvio Heinevetter held especially strongly – and also Uwe Gens Heimer’s left external Backup Matthias Musche seamlessly added to the strong German team performance.

In the final phase of Germany came to simple gates in the second wave. Spain was not able to turn the game. Alone, Spain’s Ferran Sole Sala left Spain once again. His eight goals were not enough for a comeback.


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