The Croatian Association has written a letter of complaint to the International handball Federation IHF. The Association SPIEGEL ONLINE confirmed. Reason, the benefits of the two Danish referees Martin Gjeding and Mads Hansen in the game, the Croats against Germany (the DHB-Team won 22:21).

An official Protest of the Croatian Association have not been inserted, however, informed the world Association. The Croats took their complaint with a video of alleged bad decisions of the two Impartial cut. In this Video, the Association also spread via social networks.

The Croats had complained immediately after the game about the performance of the Referees. Coach Lino Cervar said: “The referees have not done their Job well. Our Team has not had the same opportunities as Germany. This is the third world Cup that we were to have our Chance to be cheated.” Superstar Domagoj Duvnjak found everything to be “just ridiculous”.

Here you can see the Video of the Croats:

A day after the game the Danish referee self-critical about their performance. You would not have slept well at night, said Gjeding the Danish TV-channel TV2. And that would probably be the following night.

Above all, a scene is preparing to break the referees head. Two minutes before the end, when the score was 21:20 for Germany, they decided in the case of a Croatian attack to a battle between DHB-players Fabian Wiede and Igor Karacic on striker’s foul – a clear wrong decision, as the TV showed pictures.

“One of the criteria for a striker foul is that the defender is at the Moment of body contact,” said Gjeding now TV2. “That was not in the scene. I had to watch the Video often, to recognize that it was a wrong decision.”

“for the most part we are good at what we do,”

Also expressed Gjeding-Hansen self-critical: “most of the time we are good at what we do. But everyone who makes his Job a mistake, know how uncomfortable that is. However, we know that the wrong decisions.”

the trigger for the critique of the Croats, other scenes were in the final minute, Germany had, for example, in the case of a one goal lead with the time running down – the referee showed no time of the game. The released Video has the title of “Ten defining moments”, it shows controversial scenes, especially from the Croatian point of view (possible disadvantages for Germany are not shown). With superimposed writing is made to the alleged erroneous decisions.

IHF President Hassan Moustafa had jumped the arbitrators. It is be human, to make mistakes, said of the Egyptians, in an Interview with TV2. The Team was one of the best in the world. “We trust them,” said Moustafa.


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