From the 4. to 6. January, the naturschutzbund Deutschland (Nabu) calls to its traditional winter bird count. These days, anyone can include an hour long at a location, how many different birds at the feeders, in the garden, on the balcony or in the Park flutter. The results of the “hour of winter birds” online or by phone to the Nabu report.

“After the turn of the century the summer of 2018, is likely to be the census is particularly exciting,” said Nabu’s managing Director Leif Miller. “So far, we can only speculate in the absence of data on how the drought has affected the bird world.”

there Are even more birds? Through the warm summer wild trees and shrubs be deceiving, especially many fruits, says Miller. “The winter birds will find a richly laid table.”

Test your Knowledge! Sieveking Verlag Vogel-Quiz: What is flying there?

in Order to identify the 15 most common species, the conservationists for the Internet is a free Info and learning program. There, the Curious peculiarities of bullfinch, greenfinch, nuthatch, wood pigeon and other native birds.

In the case of the bird census in January of 2018, more than 136,000 people have been involved. Overall, messages from the 92,000 gardens and Parks. The house Sparrow took over the top spot as the most common winter bird in Germany’s gardens. Great tit and blue tit followed on position two and three.


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