spread Shortly after the defeat in the First world war, the German Supreme army command started a conspiracy theory. The German soldiers had remained in the field, undefeated. Military have you no one can beat, claimed the generals. Blame for the defeat of father landless journeymen on the home front were rather, especially from the social democracy. Which would have pushed the army a dagger in the back – the only reason why the war had been lost. The military leaders were looking for a culprit to from the four years of suffering and insanity to distract, which they had caused.

In a similar stab in the back legend Hans potters straight-Georg Maaßen. Still Maaßen, the President of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution. Due to his absurd Statements to Chemnitz, he should be in the Federal Ministry of the interior puts. Apparently, he felt this treatment to be unfair. Because in the 18. In October, he delivered in Warsaw in front of the heads of the European domestic intelligence services in a speech in which he made others responsible for his own end – the “radical left forces” in the SPD. They had used him to bring the coalition to Fail. Not his words would have led to his dismissal, but unspecified powers in the Federal government.

“I never would have thought that the fear of me, and the truth in parts of the politics and the media in such a panic and hysteria that four sets of to me sufficient to a government crisis in Germany, trigger,” he said, according to the süddeutsche Zeitung, the speech published.

Horst Seehofer – “A trusting cooperation is possible,” interior Minister Horst Seehofer sent to Hans-Georg Maaßen in the interim peace. As a reason he’s called the “unacceptable formulations” in a speech manuscript. © Photo: Emmanuele Contini/imago conspiracy theory of the opinion dictatorship

What is recited Maaßen there in front of the heads of the domestic secret services, was a right-wing conspiracy theory. Right-wing conspiracy theorists claim that there is a left-wing opinion cartel in Germany, a left filthy attitude of dictatorship, as you call it, the other attitudes under pressure and the truth deny. Maaßen makes himself the victim of such trumped-up attitude of dictators. He argues with the same allegations, the use of these extreme right-wing constitutional enemies, to discredit the democracy that you want to abolish it.

Maaßen support to those people that he was supposed to protect Germany. He is to be found than the protection of the Constitution President the enemies of democracy and observe. How deep Maaßens must be hurt, how misunderstood he must feel that he forgets all of this just to make with such statements, other for one’s own failure to be responsible?

“Bern” speech by Hans-Georg Maaßen, Hans-Georg Maaßen in the “Club of Berne” – part 1

With his speech in front of the “Berne Club”, an international group of intelligence chiefs, has caused the President of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV), Hans-Georg Maaßen, again displeasure in Berlin. We document here the script of the speech in excerpts:

dear colleagues,

I would like to say goodbye to you today from this group, after more than six years as a member of them. (…)

the chairmen of The three parties that form the Federal government in Germany, Mrs Merkel, the CDU, Mr Seehofer, the CSU, and Ms. Nahles, the SPD, had on 23. September decided that I will be replaced as President of the Federal constitutional protection. Thus, a government has been completed crisis in Germany. The SPD had threatened with a rupture of the coalition, if I would continue to stay in office.

the Background of the government crisis, the fact that I was on 7. September had drawn to the largest German daily newspaper Bild-Zeitung, the accuracy of the media and politicians are widespread reports of right-wing extremist “hunts” or pogroms in Chemnitz in doubt. 26. August 2018 had been killed in a German asylum seekers in Chemnitz. On the same day there were demonstrations in Chemnitz against the refugee policy of the Federal government from ordinary citizens, but also of right-wing extremists. While there were isolated cases of crime.

On the following day and the following days of the homicide in the political and media interest, but a right-wing extremist “hunts against foreigners”. This “coursing” had not taken place, according to the findings of the local police, prosecutors, the local press, the Prime Minister of the country and my employees. They were freely invented.

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