Hanwha Defense CSR team head Lee Jae-hoon, second from left, and other Hanwha officials pose after receiving an award from the Seoul Metropolitan City for their efforts to help neighbors in need on Dec. 2. They offered bedclothes to underprivileged senior citizens near its head office in central Seoul on the day. Photo courtesy of Hanwha Defense

Top defense company recognized for its social responsibility programs

Hanwha Defense announced on Dec. 3 that the Seoul Metropolitan City had given an award to recognize its efforts of helping those in need throughout this year.

The annual awards are offered to companies, institutes, and individuals in time with the United Nations International Volunteer Day, which falls on Dec. 5.

The country’s top defense company said that it had tried to carry out long-term corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs instead of one-off projects.

For example, Hanwha Defense joined hands with a volunteer center near its head office in downtown Seoul in 2018 to take care of underprivileged senior citizens.

This year, employees of Hanwha Defense donated clothes and bedclothes to them.

Despite the virus pandemic that has ravaged across the country, the outfit has been at the forefront of community and societal responses by forming a dedicated CSR team.

The team members have conducted various activities, including non-face-to-face programs, according to Hanwha.

“We feel encouraged as the Seoul city gives this prestigious award for our efforts,” said Lee Jae-hoon, who leads the firm’s CSR team. “We will continue our CSR activities to help those who suffer greatly amid the virus pandemic.”