Shown above is the solar power generation facilities of Hanwha Energy located in Texas. Photo courtesy of Hanwha Energy

Korean company wins large-sized US solar power deals

Hanwha Energy, an affiliate of Korea’s Hanwha Group, has won two major contracts in the U.S. solar power generation, which bodes well ahead of the upcoming eco-friendly Biden administration.

Con Edison said this week that it had joined hands with 174 Power Global, a U.S. unit of Hanwha Energy, to win the deal of placing the largest battery storage project in New York State.

The batteries will be able to discharge 100 megawatts, which are capable of operating more than 16,000 houses for several hours during a summer heatwave.

“Utility-scale battery storage will play a vital role in New York’s clean energy future, especially in New York City where it will help to maximize the benefit of the wind power being developed offshore,” Con Edison CEO Tim Cawley said.

“This project with 174 Power Global will help displace some fossil fuel-fired generation when the demand for power is highest,” he said.

174 Power Global CEO Henry Yun also expressed his hype over the pact.

“New York is an important market for 174 Power Global due to the state’s commitment to clean energy,” Yun said.

“We are proud to have been selected by Con Edison for this project, and we look forward to working together to help bring clean power, as well as other regional electricity and economic benefits to the Astoria community and more broadly to the state.”

Earlier this month, Hanwha Energy also won the bid to build and run the Kupehau Solar Project for Hawaiian Electric Company. It includes a 60-megawatt solar-power plant and a large-sized energy-storage system (ESS).

U.S.-based 174 Power Global will oversee the project.

“We will construct the solar-power plant and ESS in Hawaii by 2023 and operate them for the next 20 years,” a Hanwha Energy official said.