Foreign military officers studying at the Korea Defense Language Institute pump their fists after being briefed about Hanwha Group's defense business portfolio at the group's head office in Seoul, Thursday. Courtesy of Hanwha Group

Multiple countries expected to strengthen partnership with Hanwha

As far as the defense technology is concerned, South Korea is one of the most advanced countries in the world as it confronts North Korea, a belligerent Stalinist regime.

A set of companies buttress South Korea’s military technology and included in the leaders’ list is Hanwha Group whose state-of-the-art technology impressed foreign military officers who visited the Seoul-based conglomerate this week.

On Dec. 12, a group of 84 foreign military officers learning Korean language at the Korea Defense Language Institute (KDLI) visited the head office of Hanwha Group.

The participants are from 28 nations around the globe, such as Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Ukraine, and Brazil. The KDLI is affiliated with Joint Forces Military University.

Hanwha briefed the business portfolio of its defense units to the participants, who expressed hopes South Korean-built defense products would contribute to the security of their respective home countries in the future.

This is a good opportunity to learn South Korea and its defense industry,” said Lt. Commander Kutuhal Uday from the Indian navy. “Now we are developing partnerships with a lot of countries in the world, and South Korea is one of the most important partners.”

Hanwha holds advanced defense companies under its wing such as Hanwha Aerospace, Hanwha Corporation, Hanwha Systems, and Hanwha Defense.

Moon Sang-kyun, executive vice president of strategy division, expressed gratitude to the foreign military officers’ interest in the Republic of Korea, stressing Hanwha’s entrepreneurial spirits of “trust” and “loyalty.”

Hanwha truly values the relations with each of you from all the countries of the world,” Moon said. “Taking this opportunity, we hope your understanding of Hanwha’s entrepreneurial spirits and business activities as well as South Korea’s defense industry will be deepen further.”

This is not the first time for Hanwha to host foreign military officers. In fact, the group has been dedicated to cultivating friendships with them through a variety of cultural programs.

In April, the officers from the language institute were invited to the annual “Hanwha Classic Concert” to present top-level classical music performances. The officers and their family members were also invited in October to the International Firework Festival held in Yeoido, Seoul.

After a one-year language study, the KDLI officers are to attend either the military academies of the Korean Army, Navy and Air Force, or the National Defense University next year for a one-year course.

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