the WORLD: for Decades no longer applied in the research on Happiness, the phrase that money increases above a certain amount the well-being. U.S. researchers have refuted this in a recent study. Money makes you happy?

Kai Ludwig: The assumption that you are referring to is in the research known as the Easterlin Paradox. It no longer States that the satisfaction of money increases above a certain threshold – for example, from a monthly income of $ 2,500. From my point of view, but it is also incredibly individual. If someone has more than this amount available, and thus, for example, to his children or grandchildren, a wish can be fulfill, then that also increases the well-being of this Person. So the question is not “How much money do I have?”, but “What I with my money?” To have money to only and to do nothing Positive for me or others, for my well-being is probably not a lot.

the WORLD: Should take care of the politicians, then so dear to the well-being of the population instead of economic growth?

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