In a letter to the British MPs and the heads of several super markets and Fast Food have warned the chains in front of the supply problems in the event of a hard Brexit. They demanded, “to urgently find a solution” to avoid an EU-exit without a clear agreement. Otherwise, there is a great danger that the current “selection, quality, and durability” of the products could not be maintained.

In the case of a so-called Brexit, it will also cost a not to avoid “pressure on food prices” due to higher transportation and customs duties, said in the Letter. Even before the Brexit, the import cost of food increased by exchange rate losses in the British pound, which particularly poorer sections of the British to feel.

the letter and the tips of ten stores and chains, including Co-op, Sainsbury’s , Marks & Spencer , Lidl, McDonald’s , Kentucky Fried Chicken and the British retailers Association (BRC). Not the biggest supermarket chain Tesco and the German discounters, Aldi are.

Around a third of the UK food consumed comes from the European Union. The signatories to the letter referred to the particularly “acute” situation in March, as domestic production is low. In this time, about “90 percent of our lettuce, 80 percent of our tomatoes and 70 percent of our forest came the fruit from the EU”.

The British house of Commons with the EU that culminated in the resignation agreement was rejected in mid-January with a large majority. On Tuesday evening, the members will vote on a number of applications. Some MPs are calling for a postponement of the leaving the EU in favour of further negotiations with Brussels. Others argue for a completely new Brexit strategy, an exit without an agreement or a second Referendum.


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