The highlight of the “Hard but fair” was reached when a cell phone video was recorded, the Moderator Frank Plasberg had personally filmed in the train. It showed signs on the doors of two side – by-side Zugtoiletten, which had failed both of them-spent. Shortly thereafter, the editors are not to put the Film of a reporter who had driven for two days by train through Germany, this delay had counted minutes and now the amazing insight: “a Lot has worked well, different.”

It was a special shipment that had made the editors. “Here’s the radio hole, because the hole in the road: Germany Is a case of reorganisation?”, was the title, and among the guests were almost exclusively people who said: Yes, already! Well, of course! Totally! But, you know it!

Even the Federal Economics Minister, Peter Altmaier, the CDU, because of his criticism of the course, undeniable volatility of the German mobile radio network had been invited. He after all approached sometimes, certainly jobbedingt, with Clues like “I am against the rather gray than black-and-white German reality take everything in the bin”. His request to uphold the measure, however, was actually an intellectual peak; the Minister was a small, rare round of applause from the Studio audience.

A case for consumer protection

In the logic to be followed by the broadcast itself – namely, the German transport and communications infrastructure, once to the left and to the right abzuwatschen -, one would have to say: This talk show, a collection of scandalous overall image gejazzten anecdotes of medium significance, was a case for the protection of consumers. It would just be so silly. In the afternoon program of a regional ARD-Anstalt, you would be between the athlete’s foot-Service, and duck clubs-not recipes finally noticed even more. And yeah, it was kind of funny!

Steffi Neu, WDR-radio presenter, knew to report, for example, that you have teenage children, which consumed so much of the already-too-short family Wi-Fi that they could not themselves work at home properly. Renovation Case Germany! Your phone have actually, only on the terrace and in the bath reception, because the latter was under the roof.

Frank Thelen, from the Vox TV-show “The cave of the lion” well-known Investor, reported that a conductor wants to be the Tablet hole dingsen, as his Ticket was saved on it; the railway is missing, he concluded, “digital DNA”. Which in turn, Peter Altmaier, led to the admittedly very pretty formulation, many of the conductors had the device long ago, a digital control, and “sometimes the whole class”. And Hermann Lohbeck, head of the agricultural engineering manufacturer Claas, which took the German economy, as such, began at some point, job sites list, the disabled, the flow of automobile traffic, although there is apparently someone working never.

Germany mobile communications infrastructure in a mediocre but expensive

But – yeah, but – of course there was also a substantive point or two, would have been discussed at the table: Exemplary work was done, for example, that Germany’s cellular infrastructure is mediocre, the terms, but in European comparison expensive.

Thelen is not requested, the state may in the case of the upcoming auction of the 5G licenses, as in the case of the UMTS licences, as much money as possible to take. This would then lead to fact, that the supplier might not invest. Artificial intelligence will be welcomed, promoted as a means of actively, he said, the Expansion of the networks but “the state will take money out of it.” What Altmaier to the counter-not prompted, you live in a planned economy, and if the competitors hochböten each other, could the policy, nothing. With you – now Lohbeck was in it – for the conditions of the auction are already responsible.

Otherwise, however, it went from a traffic cone on a stick: on a Friday afternoon, in North Rhine-Westphalia jam. A toilet should be used. Citizens ‘ initiatives against radio were not poles useful for Germany as a business location. In the train, the booking ads were often etc., etc., in short: everything in the bucket. “Tough but fair”editor Brigitte Büscher las in the meantime, as always, viewer comments, said this time, like you, “from ‘third world country’ to ‘shameful’ and ‘disastrous'” ranged. The longest word of the Evening, Lina created, however, Ehrig from the consumer Association: “super, super consumer annoyance”. In Scrabble that would be 52 points.

And with the good will was palpable, the broadcast, you can now say in conclusion, perhaps, that it has been worse entertainment shows on German TV as this political Talk.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.